Why Social media threatens traditional media


social mediaIN the 21st century, things are changing so fast that being relevant is a function of embracing the recent strides in technology. Organizations are beginning to see the importance of leveraging recent technologies such as social media. With the meteoric rise of social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, many people have claimed that we are entering a new age in which news must be delivered in 140 characters or fewer.

The print newspaper was a major innovation several years ago, but the birth of digital media may pose the greatest threat and can even lead to the death of traditional or print newspaper.

According to a recent research, the number of years it took to reach 50 million users is given as: telephone – 74 years, Radio 38 years. TV 13 years. Internet 4 years. Ipod 3 years. Facebook 4,5 months! Top newspaper companies in Nigeria know this so they are on social media and have their own website because of the paradigm shift to digital communication. Experts say that the 20th century was like 25 years of change at today’s rate of change. In the next 25 years we’ll make four times the progress you saw in the 20th century.

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And we’ll make 20,000 years of progress in the 21st century, which is almost a thousand times more technical change than we saw in the 20th century. Specifically, computation is growing exponentially. The one exponential trend that people are aware of is called Moore’s law Newspaper printing companies stand the chance of extinction because people are spending more time on the internet lately. News organizations have repeatedly dictated that the future of journalism is bleak.

They attribute this to the continual dumbing down stories in order to interest a population with an ever-shrinking attention span. In a country like Nigeria, some bloggers make as much as 4 million naira monthly from their blogs whereas some journalist make less than 10 percent of that.

Other reasons why people will gravitate away from printed newspaper is because online content is fast and easy to Gradually, we finding it easier to read online than to read on a printed newspaper.

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