No doubt, Governor Rauf Aregbesola has raised the bar of good governance in the State of Osun and if third term is allowed in the constitution, Osun people would have wanted him to rule again but he has no other term to govern but like every other political leader, he would want to continue in office. He would want his party to continue ruling and his legacies sustained.

Aregbesola has achieved remarkably in the area of job creation by employing well over 40,000 youths through OYES scheme, thereby injecting over 400 million naira into the economy of the State through the scheme on monthly a basis. Massive road constructions which have translated to economic growth, creation of new environment entirely around education by building schools with qualitative training of teachers to improve the contents; the award winning Opon Imo is an unprecedented achievement of this current administration and the O’meal programme which attracted the interest of other States, Federal government and indeed the international community is very well thought out, among other laudable programs and projects of the government.

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The opposition parties in the State have also testified to the fact that Aregbesola has indeed transformed the State beyond expectations despite the lack of funds and challenges of bogus workers’ salaries.

As Aregbesola’s government is winding down, it should be the desire of our great party, APC and the entire people of the State to have as next governor somebody that believes in the ideology of human emancipation through economic growth and infrastructural developments that will bring forth massive industrialization especially agro- based industries that will automatically generate sustainable employment for numerous youths in the State.

Aregbesola had to put on his thinking cap to generate ideas that was translated into completed sustainable projects despite paucity of funds. The Governor wouldn’t want to give excuses he was able to squeeze out water from the rock. to the State despite the lack of funds like Aregbesola did because lack of funds can never be excuse for non- performance here again.

Aregbesolas is humble, humane and agile, that is young and vibrant, somebody that has the love of the people at heart. He has the agenda and road map for development and that possesses the administrative acumen, political will and selfless character to implement them.

Amongst all the aspirants that are willing to succeed Aregbesola, the only person that fits into the description above is Barrister Kunle Rasheed Adegoke K-RAD.

The 48 year-old activist is the best man for the job. Kunle Adegoke and Aregbesola shared the same background of being on the left side of the divide believing in the emancipation of humanity, fight for and defend same at any point in time.

The erudite lawyer participated actively in the reclaiming of Aregbesola’s stolen mandate and he contributed immensely to that successful struggle which we are all enjoying today, hence he understands the nitty-gritty of politicking in Osun.

The home-bred but globally exposed Osogbo-born politician understands the direct needs and yearnings of the people because he lives with them and has the agenda to meet those needs. The globally exposed Kunle Adegoke has investment connections that will bring about economic growth and developments to our dear State.

Kunle Adegoke is a prudent and responsible man that believes in fiscal discipline having managed his personal business profitably and successfully over the years. He is indeed a good people-manager and prudent in resource management.

Kunle Adegoke has administrative acumen and political will to implement programs and policies that will enhance the standard of living of the people. His campaign manifesto and billboards assures us of a brighter future more than his co-aspirant. His manifesto encapsulates the yearnings of the people. His agenda for governance is to move Osun to the next and higher level of success.

He believes that Aregbesola has built infrastructures, hence he needs to facilitate economic growth through investment drive that will lead to establishment of agro-based industries that will create sustainable jobs for the people.

Aregbesola has built schools, hence he needs to build capacity of the teaching and non- teaching staff to improve educational contents and impact knowledge on the students that will equip them for future challenges.

Aregbesola has built & equipped hospitals, he needs to sustain and improve the health delivery system at all levels.

Kunle Adegoke, like Aregbesola, is a lover of the party. He has program for party developments especially the youths and the women for their self-sustenance and reliability for the growth and progress of the party. Under Kunle Adegoke as Governor, the party will be more functional and saddled with more responsibilities.

All of these and many more are contained in his agenda and manifesto. The manifesto shows the agenda of a man that understands the yearnings and timely needs of the people with the reality on ground.

Please, I challenge all of us to check for his plans for the people of Osun as their governor.

I urge the leaders of our great party, APC, the good people of the State of Osun to adopt, present and vote for the young, humble, humane, agile, energetic, articulate, versatile Kunle Adegoke as the next Executive Governor of the State of Osun as his agenda and manifesto show a man that is genuinely ready to sacrifice and passionately build on Aregbesola’s legacies for the good of the people and betterment of the society.

Remi Onifade is a Youth Leader in Gbongan in Ayeedade Local Government area of Osun State.