We entered the lion’s den, came out fearlessly, Fani-Kayode declares


Femi Fani-Kayode on Wednesday declared that nobody touched him when he honoured Inspector General of Police, Mr, Ibrahim Idris invitation yesterday.

In a statement he disclosed via his facebook handle, Fani-Kayode expressed his gratitude to those that escorted him to the force headquarters and prayed for God’s blessings upon them.
“You entered the lion’s den with me fearlessly and we came out together unscathed. God will never forget you and yours”, he said.

Recall that Chief Fani- Kayode was released on bail by the Inspector General of Police Monitoring unit after two hours of interrogation.
When he came out from the forces headquarter Chief Femi insisted that he would never stop but rather hit harder on the opposition.
“Left the Inspector General of Police’s office after a cordial interview. The Police were courteous and professional.
“I was invited because of my essay titled ‘Five Useful Idiots and The Spirit Of The Accursed Slave’ which was about Fulani hegemony and terrorism together with other write-ups. No regrets. I will hit harder and write more”, he said yesterday.
Read his full statement below:
A big thanks to Barrister Kayode Ajulo, Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor, Barrister Wale Balogun, Senator Grace Bent, Mr. Ibrahim Bunu, Rev. Emmanuel Omata, Mr. Agbor Ojo, Prince Deji Adeyanju, Mr. Oyinemi Nicholas Endelie, Mr. Ken Matthew Odugu, Mr. Adedayo Coker, Barrister Olu Aluko, Mr. Myson Nejor, Mr. Tough Tony Yongo, Mr. Opeks Bobo-Jama, Mr. Orngu Anngu, Mr. Terver Lorhemen, Barrister Rapheal Oyewole, Barrister Henry Dimgba, Mr. Chubi Chikwendu and all the other wonderful men and women that stood by me and accompanied me to the Inspector General Of Police’s Office yesterday morning.
When the history of this country is written your names will be encrusted in gold. Your courage and loyalty to our collective cause and truth is second to none.
You entered the lion’s den with me fearlessly and we came out together unscathed. God will never forget you and yours.
I also thank all those that prayed for me and my family and that offered good counsel and words of love, encouragement and support to us from all over the world. I was deeply moved.
Finally I thank all those that stood in the gap for me, my loved ones and all my family members from far and wide for being consistent, resilient, steadfast and strong. You inspire me and give me strength.
May God bless you all. We shall overcome.