Union Bank, Nokia and Farmcrowdy showcase innovative solutions at the 2018 edition of Techpoint Build



Over  1000  investors,  startups,  hardware/software  professionals,  business  developers,  policy makers  and  other  key  stakeholders  in  the  startup  and  technology  sector  recently  converged  at the  Landmark  event  Centre  in Lagos  for  the  2018  Techpoint  Build  event.


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The  event,  which  is  a  brainchild  of  the  Techpoint.ng  team  was  tagged  ‘Using  technology  to accelerate  the  nation’s  economy’.

Sponsored  by  Union  Bank  in  collaboration  with  Nokia  and  Farmcrowdy  among  others,  the  event was  a  platform  for  stakeholders  to  critically  address  and  proffer  lasting  solutions  to  challenges associated  with the  Nigerian  technology  startup  sector.


It  was  also  an  opportunity  for  these  startups  to  showcase  their  innovative  ideas  to  prospective investors  and  learn  what  it  takes  to  grow  their  startups  including  proper  business  registration, quality  resourcing  and  access  to affordable  financing.


The  event  was  inspiring  for  the  audience  with  lots  of  innovative  solutions  on  display.  For  instance, Union  Bank  used  virtual  reality  to  take  participants  into  their  newly  designed  banking  halls  to showcase  the  improved  ambience,  facilities  and  services  available.  They  also  displayed  their  new mobile  banking  app  which  has  unique  features  like  finding  an  ATM  with  cash  and  locating  a  bank agent  who  can  come  meet  you  to  get  your  deposits.  These  are  features  only  Union  Bank  is currently  offering.  Farmcrowdy  also  showcased  how  they  are  using  technology  to  connect  farmers with  funding  and  investors  and vice versa.


The lineup  of  events  included  panel  discussions  on  hot  topics  such  as  ‘Keeping  a  Business  afloat’, ‘Where  is  the  market;  Offline  or  online?’  and  ‘Investing  in  African  startups’.  Discussants  included Lola  Cardoso  of  Union  Bank,  Olumide  Balogun  from  Nokia,  Adebayo  Adekanmbi  of  MTN  Nigeria and Jason Njoku  of  iRoko.


The  event  also  featured  pitch  sessions  where  shortlisted  startups  were  given  the  opportunity  to present  their  ideas  to  a  panel  of  judges.  Also  part  of  the  conference  package  was  the  ‘SME  clinic’ which  was  introduced  to  provide  startups  with  much  needed  diagnostic  counsel  from professionals  with the  aim  of  unlocking  inherent  potential  and  triggering  growth within the  sector.


Following  the  success  of  this  maiden  edition,  the  Techpoint  Build  event  is  expected  to  hold annually  as  a  means  of  providing  a  platform  to  facilitate  the  growth  of  technology-driven  startups in Nigeria.