Union Bank Donates Care Bags to Thousands of Underprivileged Persons across Nigeria


Union Cares Collage

Union  Bank,  one  of  Nigeria’s  leading  financial  institutions,  has  deployed  its UnionCares  campaign,  an  initiative  aimed  at  donating  over  8,500  care  bags  containing  staple food items  to  underprivileged  persons  across  the  country  over  the  festive season.

This  move  underscores  the  Bank’s  commitment  to  actively  supporting  the  communities  within which it  operates  and  improving  the  plight  of  the  less  privileged  in  the  society.

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The  UnionCare  bags  containing  food  items  such  as  rice,  beans,  oil,  salt,  and  stews  were  jointly funded  by  the  Bank  and  its  employees.  The  bags  are  being  distributed  in  orphanages,  nursing homes,  slums  and  indigent  communities  across  all  36  states  and  the  FCT  in  the  spirit  of  the season.

Speaking  on  the  UnionCares  campaign,  the  Bank’s  Head  of  Corporate  Affairs  and  Corporate Communications, Ogochukwu Ekezie-Ekaidem  said:

“This  is  that  time  of  the  year  when we  look  forward  to  celebrating  with family  and  friends. Unfortunately  many  Nigerians  cannot  afford  any  such  celebration.  We  launched  this initiative  to  put  smiles  on  as  many  faces  as  possible  this  season.  Union  Bank  staff  are always  ready  to  give  to  a  good  cause  and  their  inspiring  commitment  to  improving  the  lives of  Nigerians  through  the  UnionCares  campaign  is  commendable.

In  the  2016  UnionCares4IDPs  campaign,  employees  of  the  Bank  raised  an  outstanding  N15m which  was  matched  with  another  N15m  by  the  Bank  in  donations  to  the  Internally  Displaced Persons  (IDPs)  in  the  North  East  of  Nigeria.

  The  funds  raised  in  2016  were  used  to  provide  much  needed  blankets  for  the  IDPs  during  the harsh  harmattan  season  as  well  as  the  refurbishment  of  classroom  blocks  in  Balhona  Primary and  Hong  Central  Primary  schools  in  Gombi  and  Hong  Local  Government  Areas  of  Adamawa State.  A  primary  healthcare  centre  in  Askira,  Borno  State  was  also  refurbished  and  essential medical  supplies were  donated.  

In  celebration  of  its  100th  anniversary,  the  Bank  also  launched  ‘The  Next  100  Fund’  this  October, which  is  a  call  for  active  private  sector  participation  towards  the  actualization  of  some  Sustainable Development  Goals  (SDGs)  with  the  long  term  goal  of  changing  the  trajectory  of  Nigeria  and setting  the  nation  on  the  path of  true  and sustainable  prosperity.   


As  Union  Bank  launches  into  its  second  century  of  service  to  Nigerians,  the  bank  remains committed  to  being  a  socially  responsible  organization,  actively  and  sustainably  supporting  the communities within which it  operates.


About Union Bank  Plc.


Established  in  1917  and  listed  on  the  Nigerian  Stock  Exchange  in  1971,  Union  Bank  of  Nigeria Plc.  is  a  household  name  and  one  of  Nigeria’s  long-standing  and  most  respected  financial institutions.  The  Bank  is  a  trusted  and  recognizable  brand,  with  an  extensive  network  of  over  300 branches  across  Nigeria.   In  late  2012,  a  new  Board  of  Directors  and  Executive  Management  team  were  appointed  to  Union Bank  and  in  2014  the  Bank  began  executing  a  transformation  programme  to  re-establish  it  as  a highly  respected  provider  of  quality  financial  services.   The  Bank  currently  offers  a  variety  of  banking  services  to  both  individual  and  corporate  clients including  current,  savings  and  deposit  account  services,  funds  transfer,  foreign  currency domiciliation,  loans,  overdrafts,  equipment  leasing  and  trade  finance.  The  Bank  also  offers  its customers  convenient  electronic  banking  channels  and  products  including  Online  Banking,  Mobile Banking,  Debit  Cards,  ATMs  and POS  Systems.

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