U.S Court Ready To Release Certified Court Papers Of Tinubu’s Drug Crimes

The United States District Court, Northern District of Illinois has said

it is willing to release the original certified true copies of Court
papers that nailed former Lagos State Governor and National Leader of the
All Progressive Congress, APC, Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu for drug crimes
in the United States.

Tinubu who is angling to be the Vice Presidential Candidate of the APC is
threatening legal actions against Sahara Reporters which had exposed his
many lies about his academic and drug crimes in the U.S.

In denying his drug crimes in the U.S, Tinubu had in a statement signed by
his spokesperson, Sunday Dare, said, “The rumor about drug running is the
lowest form of calumny. He has never been arrested, charged or indicted
for any drug-related crime. Had any such suspicion existed, the American
government would not have granted him political asylum during the Abacha
era. Under American law, asylum cannot attach to anyone who has broken or
offended that same law.
Moreover, Tinubu travels frequently to the states. This means he has a
visa. American law prohibits visa issuance to anyone reasonably suspected
of drug dealing, let along being convicted of the same.

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But Pointblanknews.com, which had severally published the court documents
of Tinubu’s drug crimes in the 1990’s, contacted the U.S Court through the
office of Anita M. Baugard, Manager Operations (Docketing, Certified Copy
Desk, Intake Desk, Clerk’s office Department on telephone number 312 435

A male Operator who would does not want his name published confirm that a
record of Tinubu’s drug crime and the forfeiture of $460,000.00 indeed do
exist and the Court can release a certified true copy of the judgment upon

“ I cannot give you details of the judgment. All I can say is that the
docket dated October 5, 1993 with No 93 C 4483 which you just quoted is in
respect of the United States of America and some funds in an account by
one Bola Tinubu in some accounts that were forfeited,” the operator told
Pointblanknews.com over the phone.

“If you come with whatever you have, we can issue you a certified true
copies of the Judgment, the operator said.

Judge John Nordberg who delivered the judgment against Tinubu had retired
in 2014 after 32 Years of service.

According to the document, signed by a former United States
 Narcotics Attache in its embassy in Nigeria, Andre W.
Kellum, Tinubu
 operated an organisation that distributed cocaine.

Cocaine, Heroine, Guns and other paraphernalia used in running the
 business were all recovered from the Tinubu-led drug cartel in
Chicago in 
the early 1993.

Kellum who signed the U.S documents while serving in Nigeria, is now

Regional Director for the Drug Enforcement Agency, DEA, in Bangkok,


Kellum said that though Tinubu was not
subjected to criminal prosecution,
 the fact that he acceded to
forfeiting funds to the United States 
Government was on its own a

Kellum’s letter was a response to a petition
pertaining to Tinubu’s
 suitability to stand for re-election in 2003
as the governor of Lagos
 Source: pointblanknews.com