T-MARTShoppers and Store owners in Lagos are in for exciting news as T-Mart Wholesale Store, a renowned membership-based wholesale Shopping mall opens in Lekki area of Lagos on Saturday, August 20th 2016. This is the first of its kind in Lagos, and will be followed by many more outlets across the major urban Cities in Nigeria over the next few years.

Mr Berthran Ugeh, T-MART’s MD explained that the company is the first ever membership-based wholesale shopping mall in Nigeria. He added that the store will offer value in the form of best prices and quality they can trust since it gets supplied directly from FMCG manufacturers all over the world.

Ugeh maintained that shoppers now have the option of avoiding trolling shops in the open market on terrible weather days as they can now shop in a controlled environment or have their items delivered to them.

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According to him, the opening is supported by Fidelity Bank and the store offers a one-stop shop by providing all household items from packaged foods, beauty and personal care, beverages and snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, hygiene and home care in one place.

The membership types available are: Business Basic, Business Plus, Business Platinum, Individual, Family and Individual Platinum. The benefits, according to Ugeh, include lowest prices, quality, delivery, one-stop shop and many more.

T-Mart is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tendy Nigeria Limited, a premier distribution company for the FMCG and Agribusiness sector, founded over 30 years ago.

T-Mart’s increasing and sustainable success, aligned with the anticipation of a market shift will become the face of the wholesale sector in Nigeria.