Substandard Mr. Biggs Outlets To Be Shut By UAC Nationwide


The Acting Marketing Manager of United African Company, UAC , Eustesia Ogunsusi, actually said this recently while reacting to questions about the poor outlook and service in some Mr. Biggs outlets in Lagos. She said any Mr Biggs outlet found to be below the UAC laid down standards, and also any Mr Biggs outlet found to be poorly maintained or managed may be shut down right away.

Customers have actually been complaining about the very poor standards of some of the Mr Biggs outlets. Only a few days ago, some people I know complained about the quality of snacks they have been getting lately from Mr Biggs. One of them went on to say she no longer enjoy visiting Mr Biggs outlets anymore. But it appears the managment of UAC are taking strong measures to address this worrisome trend. While responding to questions, the Acting Marketing manager had alot to say, just to reassure customers to stay with Mr Biggs.

She said, “Although we had gone full franchise since 2012 and the connection UAC has with Mr. Biggs is in the ownership of the brand name, we have a strong relationship with the operators of the restaurants and we regularly monitor their progress. We have a compliant team who visit them and we organise regular trainings for them, all in an effort to ensure that they are relevant in the environment and they meet the standards specified by UAC. We are working on a lot of improvements for the outlets. From the end of this month, a new set of menus will be launched and the outlets will start wearing a new look. A lot of outlets will be shut down if we find that they are not complying with the quality and standard of service stipulated by the UAC.Mr.-Biggs

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As a way of connecting more with customers, Ogunsusi and the UAC team implemented corporate social responsibility programmes in secondary schools around Lagos. During the week, the team engaged the Ilupeju All Stars football club in a novelty football match and also donated sets of branded footballs to the students.

Ogunsusi said that CSR was part of UAC’s programme of connecting with football players at the grass-roots level and showing appreciation to Mr. Biggs’ customers for their patronage over the years.

“This year, we will have five football fixtures in Lagos alone. We will be giving out 15 balls at all the fixtures and rewarding the man of the match at the end of each game. Next year, we will implement different CSR programmes in all the states where Mr Biggs outlets are located. The mandate we have is to go beyond feeding our customers and get involved in every aspect of their lives.”