Sterling Bank completes IT transformation


Temenos20161123062506, the software specialist for banking and finance, has announced that Sterling Bank Plc, has successfully gone live with Temenos Universal Suite, just as the bank simultaneously rolled out Temenos Core Banking Solution across 185 branches.

The Geneva-based software specialist in a statement explained that the bank’s move to replace its existing legacy systems with Temenos core banking solution will support ambitious growth plans, including reaching customers in new geographical locations and improve its ability to bring new products to market.“The bank went live with an ambitious ‘Big Bang Approach’ acrossall its 185 branches simultaneously, allowing the whole business to benefit from the new technology in the quickest time frame,” the statement added.

The Regional Director at Temenos, Jean Paul Mergeai commented: “We are very pleased with Sterling Bank’s trust in ourproducts and services which will enable the bank to execute its growth plans – attracting new niche customers and expanding regional operations. By selecting Temenos core-banking solution to underpin its IT transformation,

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Sterling Bank is leveraging the technology that should give them a competitive edge in a fast moving market, increase operational efficiency, reduce risks and improve customer service. I would like to congratulate Sterling Bank on the achievement and delivery of such an important program and milestone.

”On his part, Sterling Bank’s Managing Director and Chief Executive, Yemi Adeola said: “Technology has become the backbone of the global banking system today and as an institution, we are committed to continuously making the necessary investments to ensure we deliver the one-customer experience to all our customers. Our choice of Temenos is founded on their impressive track record and reliable service delivery; a trait synonymous with the core values we hold dear.”