Ritualistic Fast Food Operator Arrested in Owerri


Residents of Owerri awoke to a rude shock when an alleged fast food ritualist was arrested by a vigilante group in charge of security around the vicinity of Aladinma Student Alliance in Owerri, Imo State.

According to eyewitnesses, the vigilante group caught a woman in possession of blood-filled calabash doing some incantation in front of an eatery “Sweet Diamond.”

When accosted, the woman stated that she was conducting a prayer session and the men of the vigilante ignored her enchantments.

However, the fetish contents of the calabash in her possession caught the attention of one of the security men and they demanded for more explanations owing to the fact that she was supposed to be conducting “prayer session.”

A curious mob instantly gathered and one thing leading to another, the woman was almost lynched by the irate mob.

Sensing that the tide had turned against her, she decided to spill her beans.

At that point she implicated the manager of the eatery simply known as Dubem.

The aggravated crowd immediately pounced on Dubem who was as well-pummeled to his own confessions that brought goose pimples on the crowd.

He confessed that he uses the menstrual flow of his female workers to cook food, even human feaces to prepare Egusi soup.

He also admits to using human blood to prepare stew, including a host of other unspeakable things.

Parts of his confessions that caused stir among the crowd   and staff was that he sleeps with all his female staffs taking their destiny along, and then ensures that they don’t relate to each other their ordeals.

He further professed how he enchanted his customers and continuously enchants his prospective customers immediately they step their foot inside the eatery.

Mr dubem also told the mesmerized crowd how he generates and controls an influx of customers to his eatery using voodoo.

It was at that point that the angry crowd stormed the edifice and dug up some gory sights buried in front of the eatery.

The excavated artifacts included fetish items like various sizes of padlocks, black and white handkerchiefs, etc.

Also excavated were some human body parts.

The culprits were whisked away to the nearby police station after being softened by the visibly angry crowd.courtesy: elombah.