Read 2016 Official Predictions By Pro. Joshua Iginla Of Champions Royal Assembly


1-Nigeria will rise again and the future of Nigeria will be restored. And her image n dignity shall be restored. In my vision, I saw a group of young men wearing boots preparing and when I asked God he said it’s the future of the next generation that are coming to take over 2024.

2-Many politicians will go to jail in 2016 due to the anti corrupt campaign by the president.  It will gain more ground and a lot of money recovered and a lot of mystery unveiled.

3-The Senate president should pray because there will be an attempt over his life.  I see a strong plot to remove him and a strong plot to poison him.

4-I see a commercial bank having a major problem that will affect it’s capacity and output.  The policy of the regulatory body will be too much for her and it will fold down.

5-I see the issue of Ebola resurfacing in some other African company. We should pray.

6-I see the CBN governor facing a hard time and I see him being removed..
I see  a former Minister who held a sensitive position struggling for survival.  We should pray for her because her candle light is almost off.  It will take  a miracle for her to survive.  While she is battling corruption battle,  I see the owner of her life knocking the door of her soul.

7-The Inspector General of Police should pray because I see a plot and an attempt to discredit him which will happen. I see his seat shaking and might not go down well.

8-I see a governor in the seat of Akwa Ibom.  His seat will shake but I see him still maintaining it.

9-Bayelsa!  The incumbent governor should pray well to retain it because what I see is a mystery beyond explanation.
The Lord said I should warn the powers that be to be sensitive over the issue of Bayelsa because I see blood and restlessness. The person on the seat should pray because I see three legs of a stool and two are taking away.  Can you sit properly when two out of three legs are taking away?

10-Rivers State.  I see strong battle and contest with Inconclusive result. I see violence and tension.  I see property burnt and protest and name calling but the person on the seat shall retain it.

11-Edo.  I see the ruling party still retaining power.  I see a strong contest but the ruling party will swallow the opponent.

12-There will be a strong shake in the cabinet in 2016. One of the Ministers will lose his seat as a result of displeasure of the President with him

13-I see same sex marriage entering into one of the African countries and it will become very strong.

14-In 2016,  the economy of the country will be very tasking and quite challenging.  If care is not taking it will navigate into serious recession.  I see strong hardship in terms of the economy.

15-I see fuel price rising and the masses helpless over it.  Attempt will be made to curb the price but it will not work.

16-I see series of protests,  strikes which will affect the economy.

17-The Biafra agitation will become very strong if the government don’t handle it with wisdom. It will give the government of the day a bad name before the international committee and observers. It might be stronger than the issue of Boko Haram. Wisdom is needed.  That’s what the Lord says. Else,  it can bring the government of the day to her kneels.

18-I see a strong agitation and people sponsoring it from all angles.

19-The military reputation under the present administration will be restored and performed brilliantly.  In my vision,  I see them silencing the issue of Boko Haram upto 85%. Boko Haram issue will die a natural death  but I see another battle wish this present government should pray

20-I see a new party coming out of the old party.  They will rebrand and become a strong opposition force challenging the government of the day and discrediting it. . This new government should pray.

21-The government of Buhari will do well but due to too much enemies than friend,  it will slow the wheel of progress and tension will rise up in several areas.  But that will not stop the result the government will have.

22-We should pray for one of our ex-president because I see him packing his bag and leaving us. Don’t forget I said it last year  but God is giving him grace but am seeing it again.

23-The president should pray because there will be an attempt over his life.  I see serious health issue.  He should pray to finish his tenure.

24-There are a lot of Judases around Mr President. I see a plot to poison him. He should pray to finish it.
Take good care of yourself and spend more time to watch your enemies that are around you than those afar.  That’s the message for the president.  There are Judases around him and are ready to finish their assignments. Watch your house because the enemy is too close than he thinks.

25-The issue of armed robbery will increase and banks will be robbed.  High way robbers will be on the rise.  Ondo,  Lagos, kano and Abia,  in the month of July,  August, October April  and March the security operatives should be alert in those states.

26- I see a sitting governor whose seats becomes vacant for the vice to take over. I don’t understand of its as a result of DEATH,  impeachment or court order.
27-Zambia.  The economy will improve but not as expected.  The election in Zambia will be will be like two lions fighting.  The president should pray in terms of the election because I see betrayals from his camp and so called faithfuls.  But in my vision,  I see someone trying to pull him from his seat,  yet he remain  in the seat.

28-I see fire outbreak in sensitive government establishment.  They should watch out

29-Mega churches will rise up in the nation of Zambia.  God said he is raising up strong prophets in Zambia.  I see a great prophet rising up in the kitwe pray against mass protest that will be sponsored by distractors against the government of the day.
30-The glory of Zambia will be restored naturally.  I see the person on the seat of power retaining it.
31-Zimbabwe.  There will be a great revival that will flow through out Africa –  West,  East and South.

32-God said I should warn some people trying to thwart the wheel of progress in Zimbabwe because their own time will come naturally.  It’s not yet their time and there is nothing they can do about it.

33-I see a rain fall spiritually non stop in the nation of Zimbabwe and something like ice block in form of a star and God said it’s a sign of continuous blessing and flow of revival both economically and spiritually.

  34-I see a major stampede in a major program that will be held by a major man of God in the country of Zambia.  It will claim lives.  The prophetic advise is that the prophet should work on his crowd control unit so that he won’t be accused of using people for rituals while his hands are clean.
35-Tanzania..  The Lord said their season has come I see the new leader maximising the resources and changing the destiny of the country.  I see the economy blossoming and I see a lot of corrupt leaders and  people who have been  a distraction to the government being brought to book.

36-They should pray for their air space especially their aviation industry.  I see a plane which is of medium size,  not too big nor small,  crashing and it happened during the raining season.  They should watch and pray.

37-Cameroon –  I see the bombing and battle against Boko Haram being conquered.  I see a revolution and agitation against the current government taking place the government should be sensitive.  I see restlessness among the youth. I was taking in the realm of the spirit and I see a fire outbreak in one of the major sensitive markets in Cameroon.  God is raising  four major prophets in Cameroon in Duala ,  Limbe, kumba. The president should pray for his health.
38-Ethiopia.  I see the agricultural sector experiencing boom.  They should pray for sufficient rainfall.  They should pray against poor rainfall because I see drought.  There will be strong economic challenge an important figure who has handled an important position in the nation will pack his bag and say good bye to the country.  He is already struggling with his health.  I see a massive revival that will spring up in the country of Ethiopia.

39-Russia   I see them under pressure as a result of the policies and attack that is currently going on. And it will affect their economy strongly. I see them trying to make peace with the country they are not willing to make peace with in order to free themselves from pressure.  I see a big Bird flying out of Russia defecating where they ought not to and it caused a lot of confusion.  It’s like  plane throwing bombs.  I see the nation of Russia going to war with another nation and they have to pray to avert it.
I see America accusing Russia over the use of a particular weapon.  In the midst of all types,  Russia will wax stronger.
40-USA: I see an adjustment in the election time table and this will lead to accusations of the government of the day  After Obama’s tenure,  it will be 2044 before another black man can ascend the seat of presidency.  I see terrorist attack that will be carry out.  I see sporadic shooting and ISIS  claiming responsibility. This will happen just like it did in France.  I see three people who are at the center of this and I see them being captured while two will be killed.  But lives will be lost.  I see a popular celebrity that will pass on in the country of America. This person’s name has to do with O and W. I see an important personality committing suicide as a result of frustration. The election of America in 2016 will be tough.  I see the Democrat holding ground stronger and stronger.
41-Ghana: I see  a robust economy and the Democrats still holding on to the seat in the election. The ruling party will retain the power.  Ghana should pray against place crash.  It looks like an helicopter.  I see a famous footballer packing his bag and saying goodbye.  He is already having a kidney problem. He needs prayers between the month of April till October.  The president should watch and pray because there are more enemies than friends.

42-Puertorico.  I see a major earthquake between April and September. I see a famous celebrity saying goodbye in the month of June.  It a female.  The ruling party will hold on to power in the election.
43-South Africa. The president will so much go through a lot of persecution m I see trials and accusations. The economy will be so much attack and won’t go well as it used to be.  But the hands of God is upon them because a great revival will sail through the land. They have to pray about their water because I see scarcity of water withing the specific month.  A major king will die.  The church in south Africa should pray because I see string attack and persecution against the church.  It will be so strong.
44-The queen of England should pray for her health.  I see strong challenge and should pray to see the end of the year.
45-The Catholic movement will do strongly but see the Pope being attacked.  I see him doing a lot in reconciling a lot  of countries that are in dispute.  He will visit a lot of Islamic countries and bring peace to a lot of areas in conflicts.  He should pray for his health.
46- UGANDA.  I see protests and a movement led by young men.  I see a coalition of political parties that will unseat the incumbent party in power.  I See a major struggle and fight but at the end the country will rise up strongly.
Peru.  The economy will grow stronger.  I see a key politician being poisoned before the election. And I see the ruling power still holding on to power in the election.