PDP CONVENTION: Bode George Accuse Makarfi Of Covertly Backing A Candidate From South South



As the December 9th PDP National Convention draw near, it appears some of the candidates contesting for the position of National Chairman have decided to fight messy.

Not long after a candidate called for Makarfi”s resignation, another candidate, this time, Bode George calls for Makarfi to step aside accusing him of working covertly to tilt the convention in favour of a candidate from the South South.

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There are only two candidates from the South South, Media mogul, High Chief Raymond Dokpesi and Uche Secondus both from Edo and Rivers states respectively.  Bode George said:

“ Makarfi is brazenly allying with a particular aspirant in the South-South to deliberately distort the process, muddle equity and invariably destroy the democratic process for transient personal gains. Makarfi’s action, to put it mildly, is sickening, untoward, blatantly tendentious , totally stripped of the typical moral high ground that often defines a well meaning, God- fearing arbitrating leadership.


“Everywhere you look, Makarfi is planting the agents of his favorite South-South candidate to stage manage warped and skewed congresses in an undisguised mockery of all the normative patterns of our founding fathers whose enduring forte about equity, justice and fairness is now being flung into the gutter. In a way, Makarfi is evidently resolved to repeat the farcical malady that characterized the debacle in Port Harcourt last year.”


“We have equally resolved that we will not be led along this ruinous path again. Never.


For the sake of propriety, for the sake of all that is good and meaningful, for the sake of equitable balance and moral appropriateness, we strongly advise Senator Makarfi to resign his position forthwith because he has been severely compromised. He can no longer play the role of a neutral arbiter who stands far above the fray. He is already tarred and soiled in the muddy waters of partisan prejudice. Makarfi should now do the most honourable thing by walking away and face his ambition squarely.”


He cannot use a privilege non-elective position to wangle undue advantages to his own side. It is patently unacceptable.


“We need to redeem our party by being faithful to the great ideals of our founding fathers. We really believe that elders of the party across the nation should summon an emergency summit to deliberate on the right way to restrategize our party and rectify the wrongs on the ground . All the elders across the zones must take it as a priority that this party can only be redeemed and restore to its winning ways when we are all sincere, genuine, and anchored on the path of salvaging righteousness.”