Oriental Energy Resources, Promoting The Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry


Since the comencement of operations when Oriental energy was founded in 1990, Oriental Energy Resources have been working to build the Nigerian Oil & Gas industry to world standards and world best practices. Oriental Energy resources have been working ever since for the overall betterment of the Nigerian people. At first, it didn’t really look like they could accomplish much compared to other giant oil & gas exploration companies around the globe.

But since it’s founding, Oriental energy have shown clear vision in the way they have carried out their business as a privately held oil and gas exploration and production company that is trully focused on Nigeria. Oriental energy have so far being able to both take advantage of world class technologies and practices, and they have successfully combined this with domestic knowlegde as well as experience within Nigeria to build a very efficient and cost effective approach to the implementation of all their projects thus far.

Clearly, this is a Nigerian company which is interested in building and promoting the Oil & Gas Industry, and it is also clear that with time, the footprints of Oriental Energy will be spread all across the country. Oriental Energy resources is a clear example of what vision, tenacity and perseverance can acconplish. Through perseverance and tenacity, they have come to firmly establish in the Oil & Gas industry. At the beginning, in 1990, Oriental Energy Resources was granted Block OPL224 offshore Nigeria. They ve since converted OPL224 into OML 115  and have since added the Okwok and Ebok assets to their portfolio.

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Through their visionary exploration and drilling programs, the Ebok Field came on production in the 2nd quarter of 2011  which brought about the biggest development program for an independent Nigerian oil & gas company to date. Oriental Energy resource is also looking to bring the Okwok Field on production in early part of 2015. Once that is accomplished, the OML 115 is to follow thereafter.

With over 20yrs of operations here in Nigeria, Oriental Energy resources can now actually fill the vacuum created foreign oil companies who have either stopped or scaled down their operations in Nigeria. One thing that have also been key to the success story of Oriental Energy resources, is their contributions as well as their empowerment programs to their host communities.

For many years, the niger delta region and very many host communities have wallowed in abject poverty while companies have carried on with oil exploration and production. Most of these host communities did not actually feel the presence of some of these foriegn oil companies. This is also one thing that stands Oriental Energy Resources out, because, they identify with their hosts communities and they empower them to give them a better life which is how it should be.