By the way, why are we not talking about, or X-raying each of the governorship aspirants’ capacities to restructure Osun’s socio-economic fortune, instead of analysing their surface structures and unconsciously helping them to garner the populace’s votes and sit atop our affairs on a platter of gold?

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In my estimation, Osun ranks among the states with the highest level of citizens’ participation in social media-based political discussions, which invariably presupposes the level of her people’s consciousness (particularly the youths). Is it not then ironical that anyone can just come on stage in such a state and aspire to lead such a conscious mass, without knowing what his administrative ability is, save for his reputation as a grassroots politician?


Osun is already a beleaguered state. Choosing her next pilot calls for thorough scrutiny of capacity to deliver, not just capacity to deploy resources to garner votes. Anybody with the right resources can garner the right votes. But not anybody can manage even a flourishing state, let alone a state with an already ailing economy like ours.


If we fail this time, it may cause us a regrettable period of eight years of ‘cluelessness’ and deeper economic woes.


Our vigilance should be in the direction of who among the aspirants has or is capable of exhibiting what is required to pull the state out of her current economic pit, and set her feet on the path of irreversible prosperity.


My people, let us begin to query the intellectual capacity of the aspirants and stop focusing on their respective financial capacity to control the crowd. Crowd fetches victory but sound programmes fetch development. Victory without development breeds retrogression.


May Osun not retrogress. The ‘AMEN’ lies in our attitude to the 2018 project.


Abdulrahman Okunade Oslad, a Legal Practitioner writes from Osogbo.