Ayeni Michael

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He has repeatedly proved to my admiration that he is a man who does not play with time. He is a man of abundant determination and critical approach to set goals. He is as foresighted as he is creative in his undertakings.

My focus is the popular Kunle Rasheed Adegoke (K-Rad). He does not know me as we have never spoken, even though I have watched him speak on many occasions.

In his aspiration to clinch the ticket of his party as its gubernatorial candidate in the forthcoming Osun election, K-Rad has not left anyone in doubt about his seriousness and readiness. The discipline displayed by him in going about his aspiration is as remarkable as it is a study in consistency.

Again, I recently had a chance encounter with this rare breed of lawyer-politician at the APC National Secretariat in Abuja. It was on Tuesday the 10th of July, 2018. K-Rad was at the secretariat to obtain the party’s nomination form, just like other aspirants from the state also thronged the secretariat on the same day for the same purpose. But K-Rad’s approach to the whole exercise was very impressive and commendable. He was early in the secretariat to purchase the form but the officer in charge was not yet in the office when he arrived. I was also there waiting for the officials, for another purpose. He left the secretariat with his companions, to God knows where, only to come back later. I was still at the secretariat when he came back.

When he eventually obtained the form, he completed its filling and attached all the required materials in no time. The speed with which he completed the whole process stood him out as a man who came fully prepared. The process of filling his details on the form and the process of notarising it at the Corporate Affairs Commission office looked like he was a magician.

The more remarkable part of it, which revealed his gift of clairvoyance, was that some items such as the PVC, curriculum vitae, statutory declaration of age etc, which were not listed as required but which were eventually demanded were fully taken along by the foresighted K-Rad. These alone caused some of the other aspirants to travel back home.

I want to believe that, apart from being a politician, what counted for him, and which he exhibited in his commendable preparedness, was his experience as a reputed election petition expert who has litigated for the party and many of its standard bearers across the country. He surely knows what is required at every stage of the game.

It was therefore not surprising that K-Rad happened to be the first aspirant to complete the nomination process and submit his form. He did so in less than three hours after he obtained the form. To cap it all, he also satisfactorily met the requirement that he must be nominated by not less than five (5) persons from each of the 31 Local Government Areas of Osun, including the Modakeke Area Office.

Apart from the fact that I had before then listened to him physically and on television and radio, I have also heard about his humility and managerial excellence, but what he displayed before me at the said Abuja encounter was the icing on the cake for me. Without noticing that I was watching, and without introducing myself to him as equally from Osun, K-Rad succeeded in convincing me that he is a disciplined and very organised person. He proved to me that he was not just in the race but meaning the business.

Because he obviously has his eyes on emerging as the first in this race, K-Rad seems determined to lead in everything noble about the race. It is my recollection that K-Rad was the first to declare his ambition for the governorship position from the central senatorial district of the state. I also know that he was the first to erect campaign billboards in the state. He was the first to publish and circulate his manifesto in book form. He was the first to begin and complete state-wide consultation with the APC delegates in Osun. I learnt he started this as far back as March 2017, when many others had not even made up their minds. He was also the first to procure and open a campaign office. And in my presence in far away Abuja, he was the first to complete and submit his nomination form at his party’s national headquarters.

Even though I am not a delegate, yet I have delegates who trust my judgement. For me, and for the love of my state, particularly as the singsong now is BEST LOKAN, I will do my BEST to work for the emergence of this BEST material called K-Rad.
May we be BLESSED with the BEST in OSUN.

Ayeni Michael,

Abuja-based Academic & Consultant hails from Oriade Local Government Area,
State of Osun.