Opinion : 10 things they didn’t tell PMB about Osun 2018





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Olu Akaraogun

They got what they want from the Presidency: photo opportunity of President Mohammed Buhari raising Alhaji Gboyega Oyetola hands up as the governorship candidate of APC in the state gubernatorial poll coming up in few weeks, specifically on Sept 22.

But they were disappointed that some of the aggrieved aspirants who genuinely felt cheated in the fraudulent primary that produced Oyetola, didn’t turn up at Aso Rock to grace the affirmative meeting. They would have to share photographs where Lasun or K-Rad raised Oyetola’s hands up while Baba Akande and Jagaban are smiling. But those guys saw through their plans and stayed away from the arrangee forum.

I imagine the lies they might have told Mr. President for him to agree to the meeting. Oyetola even lied in his remarks that he has achieved absolute reconciliation with all the aggrieved aspirants.

After peeping into their minds , I came up with 10 things they didn’t tell our dear President when they visited him in Aso Rock.

*They didn’t tell him that the emergent of Oyetola as our party candidate has fractured the party such that only those politicians on the payroll of the government openly identify with the party.

*They did not tell the President that one of the aspirants has dragged the party to court over the fraudulent direct primary

*They didn’t tell the President that they have made no attempt to reconcile all the aggrieved aspirants till date.

*They certainly did not tell PMB that the direct primary they organised in Osun State was done without any guidelines whatsoever.

*They did not tell the President that INEC did not observe our party primary.

*They did not tell the President that none of the South West Governors has congratulated Oyetola since his emergence as the APC’s candidate.

*They didn’t tell PMB that most of the governors listed among those who will help campaign in Osun are actually not in bed with our all knowing Governor.

*They didn’t tell the President that they refuse to pay workers salaries even after they collected bailout packages from federal government.

*They didn’t tell the President that Osun workers have no trust in our party became we don’t keep our promises

*They didn’t tell the President that we may lose the governorship election.

Olu Akaraogun wrote from Iragbiji in Boripe Local Government Area in Osun State