I have recently come across information on the social media concerning alleged attempts by some desperate politicians to compromise the outcome of my case pending before the Federal High Court, Abuja. I have started efforts to investigate the matter and while these efforts at unravelling the truth go on, I wish to make certain clarifications to my well wishers and the general populace.

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1. While I do not put anything beyond the politicians in terms of desperation and attempts to win all contests by all means whether fair or foul, my unwavering confidence in the judiciary is beyond doubt.

2. My case at the Federal High Court is a reflection of my deep-seated conviction in the fact that the court is the only arbiter worth turning to rather than resorting to self-help in settling scores with one’s adversaries.

3. While there are bad eggs in all institutions, I as a lawyer believe that the judicial arm of government is the last hope of the common man and I do not doubt the capacity of the presiding judge to do what is right in this case.

4. I implore any agent of my adversaries to refrain from the desperation of an average criminal to secure victory by all means as God almighty is not on the side of the oppressors and no amount of intimidation, oppression, manipulatory moves would defeat my burning desire to enthrone justice, equity and fair play in society.

5. I implore all my supporters and well wishers to remain steadfast in prayer, remain committed to the ideals of progressive politics that propelled us to fight against impunity during the government of PDP in Osun State and by which providence counted us worthy to be among those who eventually brought to office our former allies but who have now turned to be our unrelenting oppressors.

6. We must realise that revolutionary struggles are never easy tasks and no positive change comes to humankind without resistance from the beneficiaries of the status quo. We must, therefore, expect persecution, victimisation and ruthless intimidation by our adversaries whose lust for power and subjugation of fellow humans tower above satanic ability detested by all men of upright conscience.

In view of the above, I call on all lovers of democracy, men and women of goodwill to see the struggle I am engaging in from the prism of a much-needed advocacy to correct the major ill afflicting our society which is impunity. Impunity is the grandfather of corruption and must be confronted by all. I believe in the assurance of the scriptures that God handles the battle on the side of the oppressed.

Happy new year to all.
‘Kunle Rasheed Adegoke (K- Rad) Former APC Guber aspirant in Osun