Oando Plc’s 4oth AGM to hold as planned following SEC Confirmation



Further to the initial notice of Annual General Meeting (AGM) issued to the investing public on August 28, 2017, Oando Plc has reiterated that its AGM would hold as planned.

This statement was made on its official twitter handle following the letter received from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) which Proshare sighted, stating that, “Following the submission of an interim report by the Special Task Team, the Commission is of the opinion that it is unable to identify any material findings that would warrant the postponement of the Company’s 40th Annual General Meeting (AGM) scheduled to hold on September 11, 2017.”

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This letter attests to the initial position of the Company stating that “the petitions filed with the regulator have no merit as the issues raised have received board, shareholder and where required SEC approval”, adding that other matters highlighted by the petitioners could have been directed to the Company and would have received the necessary clarification.