Niger Delta Militants bomb Agip pipelines in Brass, Bayelsa


agip bombing

Niger Delta militants struck again, this time in Brass Local Government, Bayelsa state. The militants this time around bombed facilities belonging toAgip Oil Company in Brass Local government, Bayelsa state.

Residents of Brass were thrown into fear and panic as explosion from Pipelines belonging to Agip Oil Company rocked the whole community. This caused residents to run helter skelter as they ran for their lives.

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The explosion, which affected pipelines located in Orukari, Golubokiri and Kpongbokiri communities of Brass, was said to have been triggered by dynamite attacks allegedly launched by suspected militants.

Condemning the recent attack, the Bayelsa State House of Assembly member representing Brass Constituency 1, Mr. Israel Sunny-Goli, said,

“The latest explosion, coming after the recent bombing of pipelines in the same area, is worrisome as it is capable of forcing oil companies out of operation which would have an adverse effect on Nigeria’s economy.”

He urged security agencies to tighten security around oil pipeline areas to prevent future attacks by what he termed “economic saboteurs bent on crippling the nation’s economy”.