Manchester City’s Champions League struggles And Poor Form Continue


Manchester City continue with their struggles and poor form in europe and this is a puzzle considering the caliber of players at their disposal. Their poor form in Europe no doubt puts serious pressure on Manuel Pelegrini, the Man City coach.

Pellegrini was at a loss to understand how this campaign has gone so badly wrong again for City, saying he would “review a lot of things” and admitting “I don’t understand why they cannot play in the Champions League.”

If the solution to this puzzle has eluded him over two seasons, it is stretching reality to expect him to come up with the answer inside three weeks.An exit means Pellegrini will come under the microscope more intensely than at any time since he succeeded Roberto Mancini and will need success in the Premier League to release the pressure valve. city

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With the Big money spent yearly in the Etihad, City would need much more than big money to make impact in Europe. This is where they seriously lag behind when conpared to their fierce rivals, manchester united who have dominated both in England and in Europe for many years.