Kaspersky Lab Introduces Next Generation Consumer Line-up, Coupled with Kaspersky Free Antivirus



Kaspersky Lab (www.Kaspersky.co.za) has launched updated versions of its consumer flagship products. The updated Kaspersky Internet Security ensures even better protection against ransomware, is able to protect Mac computers while using public Wi-Fi networks and also offers an extra layer of protection with a secret code for Android users to prevent specific apps like instant messaging services, social media and email from being seen by others if they are accessing a user’s phone. In addition, the consumer line-up is extended by a free solution aimed at protecting Windows home users from cyberthreats. The release of Kaspersky Free is coincided with the company’s celebration of its 20thanniversary.

The number of Internet users is growing every day. According to Internet World Stats, by March 2017, the number of people connected to the Internet amounted to 3,7 billion across the world. However, theKaspersky Cybersecurity Index(https://index.Kaspersky.com) shows that only slightly more than half of Internet users protect all of their connected devices. Kaspersky Lab believes that all Internet users around the world have the right to be protected against digital threats. That is why the company has developed a free security solution with an optimal set of security technologies for Windows devices in addition to its flagship consumer products, being able to provide world-winning protection for Windows and Mac computers, smartphones, and tablets running under Android, Windows Phone, and iOS. As such, now users can choose a suitable Kaspersky Lab solution depending on the devices they use, activities that they do in the digital space and cyber awareness skills that they have. 

The latest versions of Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Total Security are designed to protect the modern household, helping people care for their connected devices and every aspect of their digital lives. In particular, people tend to have major concerns about their data falling into the hands of others, with some of the data stored on personal devices being so sensitive that Kaspersky Lab research shows that globally, 44% of users wouldn’t want anyone else to see it. To ensure users’ data stays firmly in their own hands, the new App Lock feature for Android offers an extra layer of protection with a secret code for users to prevent specific apps like instant messaging services, social media, email, or other confidential information from being seen by others when they are accessing a user’s phone. Users can also benefit from the Kaspersky Secure Connection service, integrated with Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Total Security, which encrypts all user traffic when using insecure Wi-Fi or sensitive websites.

Because their data is so precious to them, over half (56%) of Internet users globally are concerned about the prospect of having their data held at ransom, concerns that are expected to rise following the recentWannaCry (http://APO.af/DhHHAi)and ExPetr epidemics. To help give people peace of mind, Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Total Security include the company’s anti-ransomware feature, which has been updated to fight even the most complicated ransomware.

The average household today spends a huge part of its awake hours online, and the more people surf the web, the greater their risk of falling victim to a malicious programme or website. In its annual research(http://APO.af/V55Adg), Kaspersky Lab has found that 63% of Internet users globally are worried about phishing emails and websites. To address this concern, Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Total Security include anti-phishing technology to prevent users from falling victim to fake or spam emails, fake websites and fraud. In addition, the updated URL Advisor tells a user whether a link in the search engine leads to a trusted, suspicious, dangerous or phishing website, or a website that may cause their computer harm, via a special indicator close to each link. 

The new product in the company’s line-up – Kaspersky Free – is based on the company’s advanced technologies, which have repeatedly proved their efficiency in numerous independent tests. The reliable and user friendly solution provides basic features to secure users from the most common cyberthreats.

Riaan Badenhorst, General Manager at Kaspersky Lab Africa, commented: “This year, Kaspersky Lab is celebrating an extremely successful 20 years in the IT security market. During all of this time, our mission has been to provide as many people as possible with reliable protection against cybercrime. And we are happy that users from now on will be able to benefit from an extended line-up of consumer products. The new free security solution for Windows is the crown jewel on a comprehensive set of Kaspersky Lab free and freemium solutions for a range of different platforms. The engine in Kaspersky Free is the same as the engine in all of our personal products, and the solution provides users with basic high-quality protection against the most common threats, which is especially important for those who are not able to pay for a full-function solution”.

Kaspersky Free detects and automatically blocks suspicious and malicious files and programmes, as well as alerts users on potentially malicious websites and phishing (fake) pages, thus preventing criminal attempts to steal a user’s money or their identity. Kaspersky Free databases are updated automatically in real-time, so that users can be sure they are protected from the most current threats, without slowing down their computers.

Those users who want to protect all their devices on various platforms with the help of integrated services and technologies such as Safe Money, Privacy Protection, Anti-Theft, etc., can get more information about multi-feature and multi-platform solutions Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Total Security by the link:www.Kaspersky.co.za

More details about Kaspersky Free are available atwww.Kaspersky.co.za/free-antivirus. Other free Kaspersky Lab solutions can be found on free.Kaspersky.com

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About Kaspersky Lab:
Kaspersky Lab (www.Kaspersky.co.za) is a global cybersecurity company celebrating its 20 year anniversary in 2017. Kaspersky Lab’s deep threat intelligence and security expertise is constantly transforming into security solutions and services to protect businesses, critical infrastructure, governments and consumers around the globe. The company’s comprehensive security portfolio includes leading endpoint protection and a number of specialized security solutions and services to fight sophisticated and evolving digital threats. Over 400 million users are protected by Kaspersky Lab technologies and we help 270,000 corporate clients protect what matters most to them. Learn more atwww.Kaspersky.co.za.