It Is Time To Liberate Lagos, This State Has Been Ruled By One Man For The Past 16 Years Says Obanikoro


The immediate past minister of state for defense, Senator Musiliu Obanikoro declared on friday while it was time to rescue Lagos from the APC led government. Sen Obanikoro said that in actually fact, Lagos have been governed by one individual alone, One individual in the APC party have been in charge, dictating everything in Lagos for the past 16years, but the Senator declared it was time to change all that and pick the APC led government out of Lagos,

In stating that one man have actually been in charge in Lagos for the past 16years is like stating the feeling or opinion of millions of Lagosians who also feel the same way. The feeling of most Lagosians is that one man alone has been running Lagos for the past decade plus and people are yearning for a change of government here in Lagos. Some groan that the taxations and multiple levies are way too much to cope with and they are waiting for 2015 to register their grievances on the ballot box.

Musiliu Obanikoro also declared he was the only PDP aspirant experienced enough in governance to kick APC out of Lagos state. He said Lagos does not need an apprentice governor, but one experienced in the art of governance, and according to Obanikoro, he is the one who fits that bills. Obanikoro then urged PDP members to come together, unite for the success of the party in Lagos in the 2015 elections. His words,

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“Experience can never be purchased. I can tell you that only those who have served in government can make meaningful change.

“Those who don’t have experience cannot make meaningful change, they will only go there to start learning governance and we don’t need an apprentice governor in Lagos”, he said.

Chairman of PDP in the state retired Capt. Tunji Shelle, promised that the party’s primaries would be free and fair.

“No aspirant will be imposed on the party’’, Shelle said.