TEXT: Genesis.37: 5-11; Genesis.40: 5-16; Genesis.41: 7-32; Number.12: 6; 2 Chronicles 26: 5; Job.33: 15; Daniel.1: 17; Joel.2: 28; Matthew1: 20; Matthew.2: 12, 13, 19, 22; Acts.2: 17; 1 John.2: 20, 27


“And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams”

Acts 2: 17

This is a prophetic declaration concerning our days & times, that visions and dreams will be very relevant to God’s people.
The topic of dreams or night visions is always going to be relevant to us because every human or almost every human on earth have experienced this at one point or the other in their lives. And for so many people, dreams and night visions is almost a daily or weekly experience. Since this is the case, understanding of this subject is vital in other for us to benefit from this God given experience. Dreams and night visions are one way God speaks and communicates with us.
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We must note that not all dreams or night visions are from God. Some dreams can come as a result of much activity, over eating etc. Ecclesiates.5: 3. these classes of dreams are what I term as carnal dreams. Such dreams are usually scattered and would jump from scene to scene and they have no pattern and no meaning.
But a dream or revelation from God would usually have a co-ordination, a progression and would be meaningful. Dreams that are from God would usually come in symbols; it would have lots of symbolic things. Colors, figures, animals are common symbols you would see in dreams, and you have to interpret correctly to get true meanings of your dreams. The Bible has set for us a pattern for interpreting dreams; the safe pattern is to be able to interpret dreams with the written Word of God. You must also not forget that the Spirit of God works in line or works together with God’s written word. So, every dream or vision from God must find it’s interpretation linked back to the word.
A biblical principle of interpreting dreams and visions is called the,” principle of first mention”. It means the first mention of an object, color, number or symbol in the Bible sets a pattern that holds true & is consistently the same for the rest of the Bible. I am going to list a few Scriptures where symbolic words first appear which would help you interpret your dreams correctly. Please not that some words may have more than one meaning.
1.     DOOR. (First reference in Bible: Genesis.4: 7, where God told Cain,”…Sin lieth at the DOOR…”) meaning: To dream and see a DOOR means: an opportunity. A CLOSED door in your dream means a closed opportunity, a hindrance to your opportunity and progress. An OPEN door means: an open opportunity, an opening that you should take advantage of. (More scriptures. 1 Corinthians 16: 9; 2 Corinthians 2: 12; Revelations 3: 7, 8).
2.     JEWELRY. (First ref in Bible: Genesis 24: 53. Jewelries were given to Rebekah. Meaning: To dream & be given jewelries or precious stones means that, a major blessing is coming to you…it could be financial or material or more.)
3.     FLOWERS. (First Ref: Exodus 25: 31. Meaning: Flowers is the dreams would indicate a fresh beginning…a new beginning. It would also mean the end of an old thing & the start of a new thing..A new blessing.
4.     DESERTS. (First ref: Exodus 3: 1. Meaning: Desert in the dream indicates a period of trials, tests, suffering & dryness is already on or is on the way. It could also mean standing alone. (More Reads. Matthew.4: 1-2; Luke 11: 24).
5.     MOUNTAIN. (First ref: Genesis 7: 20. Meaning: To dream & be living on a mountain indicates great victory & triumph). To be climbing a mountain in the dream indicates a struggle and a difficult situation that has to be overcome to make progress in accomplishing something). More reads. Mark.11: 23; Matthew 17: 20.
6.     EARTHQUAKE (First ref: 1kings.19: 11. Meaning: To be in a quake in the dream would indicate a shaking that would cause disruption in ones life. This could be positive or negative. If one were undergoing a hard situation, then you find yourself in a quake in your dream, it could indicate God’s going to remove from your life stuffs that have been troubling you. But if one isn’t in a hard situation in real life, then such a dream could signify damage or loss for such a person).
7.     VALLEY. (First ref: Genesis 14: 17-18. Meaning: Valleys in the dream indicates a time of struggle, hardship and possible conflicts.
8.     FIRE. (First ref: Genesis 19: 24. Meaning: To be in prayers in the dreams & fires falls from above indicates victory & answers to your prayers. But if one is not in prayers in the dreams & he or she gets caught in fire, this would indicate trial & tests.
9.     SMOKE. (First ref: Genesis. 19: 28. Meaning: Smoke in the dream indicates hindrance, setback and discomfort. It could indicate one is under a stressful situation or might come under one in the near future.)
10.                         RIGHT HAND SIDE: (First ref: Genesis 13: 9. Meaning: To be on the right side in the dream indicates favor, blessings & uplifting).
11.                         LEFT HAND SIDE. ( First ref: Genesis.13: 9. Meaning: To be on the left hand side in the dream means to be in a position of disadvantage and for that one may experience difficulties in one’s endeavors.
12.                         LIMPING OR MOVING WITH DIFFICULTY. (First ref: Genesis.32:25. Meaning. To be limping, moving or running with difficulty in the dream could indicate that one is in a situation that hinders or could hinder one’s progress in life. This indicates a situation of attack where progress is snail paced or almost none existent.
13.                         TO BE BAREFOOT OR WITHOUT SHOES: (First ref: 2 Samuel.15: 30. Meaning: Dreaming to be barefooted or without shoes indicates that one is in a situation of unpreparedness. It could mean that whatever opportunity that could be there, one is not prepared to take advantage of it. One needs to be prepared to take advantage of its opportunities.
14.                         WILD BEASTS. (First ref: Leviticus 26: 22. Meaning: To dream and be seeing wild beasts searching for you to harm or hurt you would indicate that danger is around such a person. That would indicate that there are persons with harmful intentions looking to penetrate such a person’s life for destruct. That person must be prayerful. To dream & be pursued by wild animals or wild dogs consistently would also indicate attacks & potential danger.
15.                         PICKING MONEY FROM THE GROUND. (Ref: Genesis 45: 11. Meaning: To dream and see you picking money from the ground indicates the opposite, in other words, it indicates poverty, lack & scarcity.
16.                         SEEING REDDISH STUFF DURING PREGNANCY. (Ref: Leviticus 13: 19. Meaning: A pregnant woman who continually sees reddish things in her dreams would indicate, disappoint, loss of expectations & loss of joy. That person must fervently pray against disappointment & loss of her expectations.
17.                         REPEATED DREAMS: (First ref: Genesis: 41: 32. Meaning: To dream & have a dream repeatedly in a same night or in a matter of days means that whatever this dream is, the time of its manifestation is very close & the meaning of the dream is a serious thing & the urgency is very high. It could a warning to stop an impending danger. It could be a very close opportunity one must take advantage of.
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