Handlers Advice 2face Idibia To Stay Silent Over Embarrassment At His Late Father’s Burial


Managers and handlers of superstar singer 2face Idibia have adviced the singer that silence, and no comment is the best approach to the whole embarrassing incident at his late Dad’s burial. In other words, if he stay silent and not make any public and or official statement, the whole messy incident would quickly die a natural death and just go away.

2face who hail from Benue State, precisely, Amafu, Okpkwu Local Government Area of Benue State actually received a bitter reception and treatment during his late Father’s burial both from family members and community people, all due to some bogus demands made on the musician. The community had demanded that 2face carry out some road construction work, precisely, grading of the road. while the family, Idibia Aje, had also demanded the musician build a 10 bedroom flat specially for the burial purpose.

2face had actually started these projects (according to Information reaching us), but could not quite finish or complete them before the burial. The community people took their anger out on 2face mother, Rose, because they believe it was 2face’s mother who had convinced his son to abandon the road construction project. The family youths also took their turn to also turn on 2face and his mother, thereby disrupting the burial ceremony for long hours. We also hear that sticks and stones where thrown at 2face’s mum and the whole thing didn’t look good for the musician superstar.

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Reliable source claim it took the timely intervention of a well respected clergy to calm the community youths as well as the family members for the burial to go on.

Now the handlers of the superstar are advocating for silence over the whole incidence, of course, this would allow the whole matter to quickly go away and allow the singer to heal fast too.