Fresh Internal Strife Rocks Lagos APC, As Aggrieved Members Plot Against Tinubu Over Forcful Imposition Of His Candidates On The Party


Fresh internal party crisis rocks Lagos APC and threatens the overall fortunes of the Lagos APC in the coming elections due to the growing anger of party members against APC national leader,  Bola Ahmed Tinubu. The latest is that the APC national leader is demanding that party members who had duly won the party primaries step down for those who lost in the party primaries. For this sole reason, resentment and anger is growing rapidly within the Lagos State APC as aggrieved members are said to be planning to show Tinubu a thing or two by covertly working against Tinubu’s candidates just to ensure they fail in the coming elections.

It is alleged the recent developments of Tinubu demanding that winners of party primaries step down for others who lost in the primaries is as a result of very powerful party stakeholders within the party in Lagos state. However, this whole recent exercise is threatening to spread bad blood within the party in Lagos state as bitter party members really want to ensure Tinubu’s candidate’s fail in the coming elections.

This alleged move by Tinubu is turning party faithfuls against each other and injecting bad blood within the party. This time, aggrieved party members are plotting a new dimension of  protest and revolt against their leader, Asiwaju Tinubu. They plan on staying put in the APC but at the same time, they have vowed to covertly work against Tinubu’s candidates just to prove him wrong and show him a thing or two.

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It would be recalled that the APC guber primaries left some party bigwigs really unhappy with Tinubu over the way the whole thing was conducted as they feel it was neither democratic or conducted in a free and fair manner. Aggrieved Guber candidates think Tinubu manipulated the whole process to have his way. These unhappy party men may also be swelling the ranks of those within the party who may want to settle their scores with Tinubu at the polls.

Sources revealed that, the opposition in Lagos, the PDP are already trying to reach out to these unhappy APC members. They are not trying to make them leave the APC, but that they should remain in the APC at least for now, and work against the APC to enable the PDP candidate emerge victorious in the coming gubernatorial election. This may also add to the concern of the Lagos APC as the profile of the Lagos PDP candidate, Jimi Agbaje is rapidly on the rise. Not only that, put the Lagos PDP all of a sudden apprears to be getting things right with the wide spread reconciliation and unity going on within the Lagos PDP. In addition to this, the PDP are fielding a very formidable and well liked Lagosian. The in house fighting and division within the Lagos APC might prove to be their very undoing at the end of the day.