Fola Adeola, APC Chieftain, Covertly Backing President Goodluck Jonathan’s Re Election


Information filtering in indicates chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, Fola Adeola has sympathy for the re election of President Goodluck Jonathan.

The nation’s number one citizen seeking to retain his position belongs to the People’s Democratic Party while Adeola’s party All Progressives Congress are attempting to take over the Federal Government with General Muahmmadu Buhari as Presidential candidate.

Fola Adeola was a former vice presidential candidate of Action Congress of Nigeria, one of the key political organisations that gave up its identity for APC to emerge.

Along with Presidential candidate Nuhu Ribadu, he contested against incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan and lost.

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Ribadu has since crossed over to the PDP and currently battling to be the Governor of Adamawa state as the party’s candidate.

Adeola chose to remain in APC but recent information indicates he has sympathy for the Presidential candidate of opposition PDP retaining his seat.

According to a deep source ‘his body language and utterances are giving his co APC members and followers cause for concern….he seems to have lost faith in the party’s cause’

Added digs by revealed that this is why despite his supposed standing in the party, he rarely attend the party’s vote canvassing events.

Additional information has it that he has opted cloak himself in the image of a man carrying out his private businesses across party lines.

More digs by revealed Adeola’s disenchantment with his party is premised on the angst that forced Ribadu out, they both have serious issues with the political dealings of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

The former Lagos governor widely acknowledged as a major force in APC is credited as the architect behind the formation of the party.

And he stands accused of selling out the Ribadu/ Adeola ACN presidential bid to President Goodluck Jonathan for political patronage.

‘Both Adeola and Ribadu are still bitter about what happened back then, but the difference is that while Adeola chose to remain within the same political rank and play the same game Asiwaju played on him, Ribadu decided to go all out and join the opposition against the man he beliefs betrayed him’ a source summed up the situation.  societynow.