Flutterwave New CEO Assures Stakeholders And Customers Of World class Services



The new  Flutterwave Chief Executive officer, Olugbenga Agboola, has cleared skeptism from  the hearts of stakeholders and customers of the company.

Speaking to Journalists in Lagos yesterday, Olugbenga Agboola took time to explain the uniqueness of Flutterwave”s  new solution, “Rave’. He mentioned : “Flutterwave is a payment processor for merchants. We  provide seamless and secured payments solutions to banks, businesses and their customers.”

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“With our solutions, a merchant can accept both local and international cards and bank accounts.

He further added that” the vision of Flutterwave is to bring seamless online financial transactions to the door steps of every merchant and customer.

Flutterwave deals both online as well as offline.

“we are popularly referred to as” the Google of everything payment”. We process divers cards, which can be operated from any part of the world especially with our latest product solution called “Rave”.

He added that “the idea behind ‘Rave’ is to focus more on small merchants, our uniqueness is in the fact that we are known globally, and we could use this to the advantage of small merchants by taking their services to the global stage.