Exclusive video of How Prophet Joshua Iginla’s prophecy on Kenya Election came to pass amidst criticism



When God truly
> speaks the wise listens and amidst controversies, God always
> vindicate his servants.  This aptly described the
> impeccable prophesy which God’s servant and shepherd In
> charge of Champions Royal Assembly, Bro. Joshua Iginla
> dished out about Kenya’s presidential
> election. 

> On Thursday, 26th
> of October, 2017, the country of Kenya was enmeshed in a
> brouhaha over the new election to showcase who will truly
> take over the rein of government as the initial election
> conducted a month earlier was annulled by the Supreme Court
> due to the uproar and crisis that surrounded the victory of
> President Kenyatta as the winner.
>  In the same
> vein, the election was conducted on Thursday, October
> 26,2017 and the winner remained the incumbent President,
> Kenyatta. It was a shocking moment as most believed he would
> lose the election considering the fact that most people
> believed the opposition, Raila Odinga would turn the
> tide.
> However, this
> should be no surprise at all as Popular Prophet, Joshua
> Iginla on Sunday, July 23rd , 2017, during a live service in
> his church revealed how Kenyatta would win the election even
> though crisis will emerge he will remain on the sit either
> miraculously or magically.
> In his
> words,
> ‘The nation of
> Kenya has to pray. I have been praying and I see a leader
> sitting on a seat. Three were taken out of the four legs of
> the seat and I saw this leader still sitting and didn’t
> fall. I don’t know how he managed to remain seated. Is
> this a Miracle or magic? .  It’s going to be a narrow
> escape for the ruling party ’’
> ‘I see attack,
> Violence, bloodshed after Kenya’s presidential election. 
> But I saw some great men of God praying for the land. I saw
> their prayers going up like a bubble and God said to me what
> is supposed to happen that would have been terrible have
> been averted. Although they will see a sign but it won’t
> be as terrible as it was supposed to be’.
> Interestingly,
> the election went according to his prediction because the
> opposition was already jubilating that the election would be
> in their favor but Kenyatta was declared winner.  This
> resulted into bloodshed as predicted by Iginla.  But
> surprisingly, the Supreme Court annulled his Victory and
> orders for fresh election. 
> Shortly
> afterwards,  critics went to work castigating Iginla that
> his prediction was not from God as its obvious Raila would
> win during the new election date. 
> However,
> on August 6, 2017, Iginla insisted he heard God spoke to him
> about the election and that the status quo remained
> unchanged.  True to his word, President Kenyatta was
> declared winner again. Watch the video below :