Erastus Akingbola Still In Troubled Waters As Bank Sells Cayman Island & London Properties


Erastur Akingbola, the former Intercontinental Bank Boss still battling with his unending court cases and the end does not appear to be any where near and respite seem far for now for the embattled banker. Only recently a Cayman Island court has affirmed judgment given by a London court’s judgement that his properties be sold to recover debt against his name.

Listed property sold includes Flats 17, 18,19 and 20 Embassy Court London, NW 8. £11 million where reportedly realised from the sale.

The Cayman island property is revealed as on 2 Cambridge Court.

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In delivering judgement on September 3 2014, Justice Adrew Jones of the Grand Court of Cayman Ilsand had ordered Akingbola to pay his creditor the sums of  N238, 471,484,162 and £1,800,000  at 2. 5/8 % interest per annum from April 1 2014 till payment.