Delta Integrity Group warns against campaign of calumny on Uduaghan


A major socio-political group in Delta State, the Delta Integrity Group, has warned against campaign of calumny, which is beginning to surface in the media, on the state Governor, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan.
The group, which did not mention any specific story, said in a statement on Monday that it was aware that some persons within the Peoples Democratic Party family in Delta State, who are aggrieved for no just cause, are working behind the scene in conjunction with the opposition on the campaign of calumny project.
The statement, signed by the Chairman of the DIG, Fejiro Sunday, said the aggrieved persons have embarked on the campaign of calumny because Uduaghan prevented them from dipping their hands into the pockets of the state.
Sunday said: “Because our amiable governor had prevented this people from having access to the state coffers but rather embarked on projects that have direct impact on the majority, they are not pleased.
“So, they are on daily basis, in conduction with members of other parties, churning out lies in the media.
“Some of the lies do not even make any sense to even the dumbest person.”Uduaghan
Sunday said those involved should desist with immediate effect or risk being named in the media and their nefarious activities exposed.
He added: “We will go to any length to defend our state against the uncouth and uncultured people who will stop at nothing to malign the image of the governor and that of the state.
“You cannot be in a house and be throwing stones against the same house with the help of outsiders.
“A word is enough for the wise.”