David Mark Shuts Down National Assembly Till Next Week Due To Chaos In The Assembly Complex


The Senate president, Senator David Mark has ordered the immediate closure of the national assembly complex today due to the fracas and chaos that took place in the assembly complex. The speaker of the house of representatives, Aminu Tambuwal had arrived the assembly complex to deliberate of the extension of the state of emergency rule in three northern states.

But upon arrival at the assembly complex, he and other rep members with him were denied entry. Though he was eventually allowed entry but some members of the house of rep had to climb over the fence just to gain entry into the premises and there was chaos everywhere. This led to the police tear gassing them.

Some lawmakers with the speaker who scaled over the fence just to gain entry had felt that the speaker would or might be impeached once he gets into the assembly complex, this led to many of them scaling the fence.

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Trouble started at about 10.54am when the Speaker arrived. Some alleged that the police were there to arrest the speaker, and when it appeared that plan had failed they decided to shoot tear gas and this led to the lawmakers who were with Tambuwal to run for safety. With all the chaos and confusion, The senate president, being the chairman of the national assembly had to order that the national assembly complex be shut down till next week Tuesday to allow normalcy to return.