Dangote Group refutes report on Importation of GMO rice



DangoteThe malicious broadcast alleging a partnership between
Dangote and FG for importing and flooding the market with
poisonous GMO rice is ABSOLUTELY FALSE! Dangote IS NOT
involved in the production or sales of GMOs and its research
in Nigeria or anywhere. What people should know however is
the ground breaking progress Dangote Rice has made since
2014 when it stopped importation of rice and began local

See the facts for yourself!

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2014: Dangote signed $1billion
agreement with FG or integrated rice production in Kebbi,
Niger, Jigawa and Kwara
2016: Started a multibillion
naira Rice Outgrower Scheme over 8,000 hectares in Hadejia,
Jigawa State
2016: Created over 10,000 jobs
(Direct and indirect) to farmers who are an integral part of
the Rice Outgrower Scheme
FARO 44 rice seeds distributed
to farmers during the Outgrower Scheme was sourced from
Africa Rice and certified by the National Agricultural Seeds
The intent of this broadcasts is to bring into disrepute the
hard earned reputation of Dangote and actualization of its
vision of making Nigeria self-sufficient in rice production.
Moreover, with the ever watchful eagle eyes of organizations
such as NAFDAC, SON, CPC with mandate to ensure food safety,
how can a big organisation like Dangote import and flood the
market with poisonous rice.