Crisis In First Bank As Bisi Onasanya’s Ill Health Talks Cause Panic In The Financial Institution


When The leadership of any organization shakes or is in any crisis whatsoever, it negatively affects that organization and shakes it’s stability as well. This seem to be the case with First Bank lately as information filtering reveal that the Managing Director of First bank, Bisi Onasanya is having serious health issues which is affecting his performance on the job and this is causing fear and panic within First bank.

Bisi Onasanya, who is said to be usually a lively bank M D  is said to battling an ailment that has been making very hard for him to performance fully on his job.

According to an insider ‘the development has constantly resulted in situations where decision makings relating to operations at the financial institution are afflicted with cross roads’. In addition to all this, furthjer information reaching suggests to the possibility of bad loans, or loan related problems as one of the causes of Bisi Onasanya’s ailment.

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F information revealed several interests at place seeking to usurp leadership position(s) are currently making self serving plays that compound the situation – and creating a mess that is speedily casting unfavourable colours on the image of sparkle of good performance.
Furthermore, information reaching us also reveal that those within the bank eying the prestigious job of the managing Director are making life even more difficult for Bisi Onasanya at the moment as they are doing everything in their power to frustrate the already struggling M D.

As should be expected, moves by powerful of image handlers within the bank have been working tirelessly to keep the building crisis within the bank from public knowledge. But if things are unchecked, it would be just a matter of time before things erupt into the open and the full knowledge on the public
Indications show that the bank is on edge of distress as a result of low capital ratio, which is below the 16% bench mark set by the Central Bank. Clearly trying times for the first bank managing director and it appears to be seen how he will weather this storm.