Crisis Hits SPDC As New Shell MD, Osagie Okunbor Faces Opposition To His Leadership, While Others Clamour For His Removal


These are certainly not good times for  Mr Osagie Okunbor, the new Managing Director of Shell Petroleum Development Company, SPDC. Mr Osagie Okunbor is currently having entrenched in a big battle to keep his job, even as tries to settle down in his new position as MD of SPDC.

Information reveals coming in reveals  that major players inside and outside his SPDC have merged forces to see him out.

The movement to reverse his appointment is hinged on claims of ‘complete lack of necessary technical, operational and leadership qualities’ against the man who succeeds Mr Mutiu Sunmonu.

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Information available revealed that the battle to remove Okunbor is two faced- behind the
scene and public domain.

Informants disclosed a faction of those against his ascension is quietly applying pressures with the multinationals for his ouster.

Sources disclosed the focuses of these individuals are the quiet and influential with a lot of sway in the company.
Further revelations revealed the other part of the battle is being fought via unfavorable public opinion – within and outside the establishment.

And leading this charge includes the group that has Zik Gbemre, as member.

A clear window into the strategy is available via the petition they unleashed against the new M.D with the title ‘‘Objection to Mr. Osagie Okunbor as MD/Country Chair of Shell (SPDC) Nigeria’.
It reads in parts ‘
‘For emphasis, Shell is a technically-oriented International Oil Company (IOC) and as such, if we check all past Shell (SPDC) Managing Directors (MDs) there is no one that does not have an experience background in Exploration, Production and Engineering…So how come a ‘novice’ in these areas should be projected and appointed by Shell Management as the next MD/Country Chair of Shell (SPDC) Nigeria?

‘Like we said in previous letters, Mr. Osagie Okunbor is not a ‘technical’ person, neither is he an ‘operational’ person nor does he have the ‘corporate wisdom’ and ‘professional skills’ to manage/carry out the overwhelming demands of the office of the MD/Country Chair of Shell (SPDC), Nigeria.”

‘Aside the complete lack of necessary technical, operational and leadership qualities, Mr. Osagie Okunbor is known to be a chronic ‘tribalist’ from a Edo State who does not have the qualities and ‘relationship-building’ skills to manage the socio-political and ‘inter-relations’ demands of the position of the MD/Country Chair of Shell (SPDC), Nigeria,……….
‘He does not have the capacity to carry relevant stakeholders along or manage Shell (SPDC) operations in Nigeria. Without mincing words, making Mr. Osagie Okunbor the next MD/Country Chair of Shell (SPDC), Nigeria, to take over from Mr. Mutiu Sunmonu, will be the ‘biggest’ mistake and a ‘corporate blunder’ Shell will ever make. It will be like Shell using its own hands to ‘destroy’ the company’s operations in Nigeria. Again, this is no exaggeration, but stating the bitter truth and the undeniable fact as we see it.’
Findings revealed the damning letter written to the decision making body of the SPDC has become an open development within the company – and created a bit of buzz.

However digs revealed while the pressure against him mounts, the embattled M.D and his backers are not taking it without a fight back.

Informants claimed they have initiated a play that labelled those clamouring for his removal individuals jittery of what manner of rot the new administration is bound to uncover