Court Eventually Gives Go Ahead To Sonnie Ayere’s Eviction From Ikoyi Apartment,To Pay N40M Backlog Rent


As is usually the case, first, the court litigation drags on almost endlessly, then eventually comes to a conclusion and judgment is made and that’s it. This time around, Sonnie Ayere  big time businessman, rumored to be a close friend of the governor of Lagos State has been ordered by the court to leave his Ikoyi apartment and also to pay his landlord the backlog of rent, up to N40 Million.

Sonnie Ayere, renown banker with years of  a successful career in the banking industry who finally founded Dunn Loren Merrifield in 2009. No doubt, he is a big boy and money to pay his rent really should not be an issue with Sonnie Ayere. But then, this is where the puzzle is and people who know him really cannot fathom why he has had to be evicted from his Ikoyi apartment over issues of unpaid rent. gathered that Sonnie Ayere and his landlord Osita Adubia have been drawn in a long court battle since 2010 over this rent thing. The landlord eventually won and got the backing of the court to send Sonnie Ayere packing and also ordered that the Dunn Loren Merrifield Boss pay the backlog of overdue rent totalling about N40Million.

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