Buhari does not deserve to be re-elected – Kingsley Moghalu


Kingsley Moghalu
Kingsley Moghalu.

Presidential candidate and former deputy governor of Central Bank of Nigeria Profesor Kingsley Moghalu has reiterated the need for a paradigm shift in Nigerian politics, stating that based on an objective assessment of President Muhammadu Buhari’s failed performance, he does not deserve to be re-elected by Nigerians for a second term.

Speaking in a statement after a confirmation of the current president’s intention to contest for office again, the Founder, Institute for Governance and Economic Transformation, affirmed that although President Buhari had the unalienable right to run if he wishes, he should be judged on his record.

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“Nigeria has the highest number of poor people in the world, with 15% inflation and 1% GDP growth due to economic mismanagement. We deserve a very different kind of effective and inclusive leadership that can unite the country and reverse the poverty that has made our country the poverty capital of the world with the highest numbers of absolutely poor people of any country,” said Professor Moghalu.

The candidate, who is currently in the United States for series of townhall meetings with Nigerians in Diaspora, emphasised that the current administration’s record was a dubious “achievement” on which to be seeking a second term in office.

“In contrast with that record of increasing poverty and insecurity in our country, I offer my vision of something new, bold and different. I offer a new kind of competent, inclusive and effective leadership that will truly usher Nigeria into the 21st century and build a better future for our children and youth,” he said.

The former UN diplomat recently announced his intention to run for president at the 2019 elections, consistently stating that the choice facing Nigeria in the 2019 presidential election is one between progress and retrogression, scary poverty and the prospect of prosperity for millions of citizens and not just the elite few, between freedom and continuing false imprisonment by the political elite.