Buhari cannot run in 2019; Will be sent to Daura on retirement – Group


A20161122065616 group saddled with advocacy for Advancement, Development and sustenance of Democracy in Nigeria, Wailing Wailers, has, Tuesday, said that President Buhari will not run in 2019 general elections.In a statement issued to newsmen and signed by the group’s Acting National Publicity Secretary, Usman Abubakar, it said that the president must go on retirement in 2019 for haven plunged the nation’s buoyant economy into recession.

“Our attention has been drawn to the news from Presidency stating that President Buhari who under 2 years of his rulership collapsed Nigerian economy andevery other system of the country, is nursing an unscrupulous ambition of running for a second tenure in 2019.”“We believe that this call is a joke or a figment of the imagination of those working for the presidency as they will notwant to miss all the benefits and the paraphernalia they currently enjoy at the expense of the suffering masses to come to an end.”“Just days ago, Nigeria recorded 18.3% Inflation and 2.4% drop in GDP for the Q3. The economy is in total ruin, and this warrants us to ask, what business buhari has with 2019 when the first mandate given to him has been marred with incompetence and bad governance ?”“We all agree that Buhari was handed the biggest economy in Africa with over $600 Billion, one of the fastest growing in the world reported by CNN in 2015, within 18 months, it was ran aground into inflation and recession.”“How can a man with no basic leadership and managerial skill continue to plunge the country into comatose and the people not react?”“Buhari believes that it is his birth right to foist himself on the people of Nigeria, whether we like it or not?”“Those pushing for Buhari’s 2019 agenda are certainly an enemy of the Nigerian people, and will henceforth be seen and treated as such. It is irreconcilable that a man who has plunged Nigeria into unrecoverable recession, depression, inflation and famine should run for a second tenure.”“We as a group saddled with advocacy forAdvancement, Development and sustainance of Democracy in Nigeria, call on President Buhari to resign and hand over power to National Assembly, because he does not have what it takes totake Nigerians out of the economic doldrums he has plunged the country into through his bad leadership.”“From the foregoing, Buhari cannot run forpresidency in 2019. He must go now on retirement, back to his farm in Daura.”“Those sycophants (hailing hailers) calling on him to run again should quit their wishful thinking because, the people of Nigeria are tired of his incompetence and bad governance.”“We call on the world leaders to intervene in this problem facing Nigeria because, it is obvious that Buhari has perfected the plans to forcefully impose himself on Nigerians regardless of his bad policies and bad leadership which has ruined the nation.”“He has placed his families in Independent National Electoral Commission, The ARMY, The Nigeria POLICE Force, Custom, National Security Services and all other agencies that will carry out his ambition and execute the task for him to run.”“Notice should  be taken that as part of Buhari’s 2019 plot, he has conducted rigging mock test with Kogi state, Edo state and if possible Ondo state election where the states were massively rigged, and to be rigged in favor of his faction of All Progressive Congress (APC).”“Other party leaders who can stand in his ways have been decimated and blackmailed out of the party for an easy ride in the future elections.”“Buhari imagines that he has successfullyconcluded his plans towards 2019 because he succeeded in rigging states’ elections without much resistance from the people because people are afraid and intimidated by the fear of being harassed and ruffled and manhandled by security forces which he, Buhari mainly uses to clamp down everyone that opposes his wishes.”“We therefore call on leaders around the world who cherish democracy to rise up and join the growing call of Nigerians saying #BuhariMustGo and help in defending the Democracy under the siege and grip of Buhari and his cronies.”“We also call on all well meaning Nigerians to stop the docility and rise up for once to put an end to the evil agenda of those who wants to make Nigeria a refugee camp because once famine sets in, Nigeria will be turned into what we can all consider as extremely poor nation.”“It is better for Buhari to go and we reclaim our nation back to the path of transformation and progress.”culled from vanguard.