Breaking News: Labour defies court, proceed on strike tomorrow over fuel hike


NLC*The Nigeria Labour congress, infuriated by court injunction insists on going on with their planned indefinite strike which takes effect 12 midnight today.

The Nigeria Labour Congress,NLC and the Trade Union Congress,TUC have resolved to  mobilise workers to proceed on an  indefinite strike, over fuel hike, effective 12 midnight today.

“Our decision not to suspend the strike was further fuelled by today’s injunction by the Industrial Court,restraining us from proceeding on the strike expected to begin tomorrow,”the source who said.
Lagos State Chairman of The NLC , Idowu Adelakun, said the NLC as a body has not been served with the court injunction and therefore cannot be bound by it.
Idowu Adelakun  said, “Even if we get the injunction, that cannot hinder us from protesting. As Nigerians, we have the right to protest any government policy that tends to inflict hardship and sufferings on us.
“We cannot accept the new increase and that is why we want Nigerians to see this as a struggle for all us and we must rise in total condemnation of it. Already prices of food, transport and other essentials have gone up almost above 100 percent.”