Billionaire Business Mogul Abdulsamad Rabiu Instruct Security Operatives To Shoot Protesting Bua Flour Employees


abdulsamad-rabiu_416x416The crisis which has been ravaging Bua Group for some weeks now has worsened.

Recently, there were reports that staff of the organisation held it to ransomed for various reasons including poor welfare, poor salary structure among others. The protest was said to be so massive that even the Chairman of BUA Group, Alhaji Abdulsamad Rabiu was barred from going for his meetings, while clients of the company were denied access to the premises.

That protest which saw Bua Group’s staff shutting down the Victoria Island, Lagos headquarters of the company has since degenerated.

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According to a Twitter user with handle Damanager007, Bua Pasta and Bua Flour staffs again gathered at Bua Group head office at Victoria Island, Lagos to protest the refusal of the company to pay salaries.

Damanager007, who claims to be a staff of Bua Group revealed this much on Wednesday, December 9 via Twitter.

According to her, Bua Group staff work for 12 hours a day, spend 15 to 16 hours outside their houses, yet they are still poor.

Damanager007, also alleged that naval officers who were brought in by the organisation responded as if the staff were fighting a war, instead of having a meeting.

Furthermore, she alleged some of the naval officers even went as far as molesting staff of the company with some Bua Mill staff said to have been allegedly shot at the Apapa office during another protest which also held recently.

Abdul Damba, who confirmed the molestation of staff assured his colleagues of succeed in the struggle. In his words, “we will win this battle God helping…BUA is a shame.” This he said in a conversation with Damanager007.

Abdulsamad Rabiu is listed as the 23rd  richest man in Africa. He is worth $1 billion according to the FORBES’ recent ranking of Africa’s 50 Richest People.


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