Bayelsa governor, Dickson Is Again Snubbed By Jonathan’s Wife


Things are deteriorating fast relationally speaking between the Bayelsa State governor and the wife of president Jonathan. The rumor that Patience Jonathan is against Gov Dickson’s re-election is actually gaining ground by the day and events are making it look real too. During the president’s 57th birthday celebration in Abuja, the Bayelsa state delegation came calling to rejoice with the president and congratulate him as well with a strong show of solidiarity. The Bayelsa delegation led by Gov Dickson were snubbed by Patience Jonathan as she didn’t even show up to receive the delegation.

Also, there was not a single Bayelsa state national assembly member in the delegation, they too we hear are working together with Patience Jonathan to stop Dickson’s re-election. It is alleged the president’s wife wants her loyalists in power in Bayelsa state, come 2016. All the Senators as well as the House of reps members from Bayelsa we hear are have joined forces with the president’s wife to block Gov Seriake Dickson’s re-election plans.

It is to be noted that, all along, the president’s wife had been in attendance of Mr president’s birthday party even up till when the Bayelsa state delegation showed up. It was when they showed up that the president’s wife suddenly became conspicuously absent from the event. The sudden disappearance has given credence to the misunderstanding, or disagreement between the president’s wife and Gov Dickson.

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But Gov Dickson have denied vehemently that there is any form of misunderstanding or rift between him and the president’s wife. According to the governor, all is well with their relationship.