Atiku Visits US Congress, Meets Trump’s Allies.


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Atiku Abubakar, the presidential candidate of the People Democratic Party (PDP), paid a visit to members of the US Congress, who are favourably disposed to President Donald Trump.
The former vice-president, who has not visited the US in 13 years, made a surprise visit to the US on Thursday, with plans to speak at the US Chamber of Commerce on Friday.

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Before his off the record meeting at the chamber, Atiku paid a visit to Chris Smith (pictured above), a member of the Republican Party, and representative for New Jersey, who is serving his 2oth term in office.
According to Osita Chidoka, Atiku also met Micheal McCaul, the Homeland Security committee chairman at the US Congress.
Both congressmen are known allies of the current US president, who often back his policies in the US Congress.
Congressman Smith has supported President Trump on 80 percent of his choices since he became president, according to a project tracking congressmen in the United States.
McCaul, on the other hand, hails from Texas and supported the president fiercely on his decision to pull out the US-Iran nuclear deal.
“The President’s decision today to withdraw from the nuclear agreement is based on these facts. We need a tougher approach and I commend President Trump for leading this effort,” McCaul had said about Trump’s decision to cancel the deal.
He has supported 98.1 percent of Trump’s decisions since the latter became president in January 2017.