Arab Sheiks Boost Buhari’s Campaign With $700 Million



With less than one week to the Presidential Elections, the Buhari Campaign

Organization’s international fund raising drive, which was consolidated

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during its candidate’s recent London trip, has reportedly yielded its

first bumper harvest from a shadowy group of Arab sheikhs.

The donors, led by former Saudi Arabia oil minister-turned top Middle East

politician Sheikh Ahmed Zaki Yamani, is spurred by renewed Arab interests

in regaining leverage over OPEC and the strategic prospects of a Muslim

president of Nigeria, investigations reveal.

Recall that soon after the Chatam House event in London, Buhari went

underground and was not seen in public for about two weeks. Sources said

in between heeding his Doctors advise to take some rest; the APC

Presidential candidate spent sometimes meeting with old Arab friends and

potential donors to his campaign.
Sheik Yamani was Saudi Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources from 1962 to

1986 and OPEC minister for 25 years with a career highlight of

spearheading the 1973 oil embargo that saw OPEC quadrupling the price of

crude oil in the most daring Arab challenge of Euro-American dominance and

control of the international oil market.
Initial figures mentioned range between $500 to $700 million, according to

Western intelligence sources, the bulk of which has already been moved to

Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire preparatory to siphoning it to agents of the Buhari

Campaign Organization said to have been “personally nominated” by General

Buhari in London for a last-minute dollar-attack to secure an edge in the

March 28 elections. gathered that indications of an imminent Arab-sourced

lifeline for the Buhari Campaign Organization first emerged in the last

days of General Buhari’s controversial London trip when he went off the

radar but discreetly hobnobbed with a few mainly Arab visitors. These were

later identified as emissaries of Sheikh Yamani working with his

London-based oil and gas consultancy, The Centre for Global Energy

Studies, that has been a cover for Yamani’s “diplomatic operations”.

Nigerian sources close to the Buhari Campaign Organization confirmed

“recent high expectations of foreign funding” within the caucus but also

admitted a “dilemma” over the implications of accepting financial

assistance from a distinctly Islamic source against a background of

“unresolved political challenges” arising from the widespread perception

of General Buhari as a Muslim fundamentalist which has been a major thrust

of campaigns against his candidature.
However, the sources added that the “hawks” in the Buhari campaign caucus

pushed for accessing the Arab support in a bid to bolster the financial

clout of the campaign organization to overcome the “lack lustre” backing

of the APC platform it had to merge into to acquire “geographical spread”.

This concern also explains why the contacts and negotiations for the Arab

support were exclusively managed by the closest aides of General Buhari

“literally behind the backs of the APC leadership”, the source confided.

General Buhari’s links with Sheikh Yamani stemmed from his days as a

colonel and Petroleum Minister under the military government of General

Obasanjo during which he represented Nigeria at OPEC where Yamani was

calling the shots.
Sheikh Yamani’s connections to the Islamic fundamentalist activism

surfaced when he spearheaded the 1973 OPEC oil embargo targeting Western

control of the international oil market but was also highlighted in the

events surrounding the 2002 discovery of a document that referred to the

“Golden Chain” – an elite club of twenty Saudi billionaires whom Osama bin

Laden was said to have identified as his top financiers in launching the

Al Qaeda terrorist organization.
Soon after the elections were postponed, APC allegedly ran out of funds.

Its several advertisement disappeared from the media. The party also

stopped all campaign activities.
Sources confirmed that soon as words came in that the Arab funding was

ready, the APC’s media machineries were asked to preempt it in the media

by alleging that the peoples Democratic Party, PDP, plans to accuse the

opposition party of receiving Dollars from the Arab.

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