Amaechi Wasted 17Bn Rivers Taxpayers Money Fighting To Become Buhari’s VP


Jerry Needam, media aide to Felix Obuah, the State Chairman of the Rivers PDP on Friday lambasted Gov Amaechi over what he called Amaechi’s wasting of Rivers taxpayers money trying to achieve his quest of becoming General Buhari’s running mate in next year’s presidential elections. According to Jerry Needam, Amaechi actually wasted 17Bn on the just concluded APC presidential primaries, all to actually his (Amaechi’s) desire to become Buhari’s running mate and also to fund Tinubu’s political agenda.

Needam’s words,

“It is unfortunate that Gov Amaechi has not conducted himself as a responsible, wise and civilized leader. Otherwise, he would have realized that the immunity clause under which he hides himself today will soon elapse, and the evils and fraudulent activities he engages in today will be accounted for, because nothing is hidden under the sun”, the PDP remarked.

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“We had thought of consoling Governor Amaechi on the several avoidable disappointments he has suffered under the APC, but his unrepentant attitude and continued desperation, smack of ignorance and youthful exuberance, which does not encourage such sympathy. Our worry also is the fact that the appointment as campaign officer to Buhari will translate to nothing in terms of benefit to the people of the State”, it added.

“Amaechi as the Campaign Manager of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Presidential Candidate, Gen. Muhammed Buhari, as “a further humiliation to the disappointed Vice Presidential dreamer”, the PDP insisted that the APC never took the decision in good faith, but to ensure that its major source of funding and execution of party campaigns was sustained.

“The PDP wonders why Gov. Amaechi continues living in a fool’s paradise, having been deceived by the APC leaders, the second time, stressing that the paramount interest of Ahmed Tinubu and his cabal is only in creating avenues for squandering Rivers tax payers money and resources without conceding any sensitive top elective position to the man (Amaechi), who is today a leading financier of the APC.

“The Party recalls that Amaechi, after spending billions of Rivers money, lobbying for the National Chairmanship slot of the Party, was rigged out, he further wasted over N17b canvassing for the emergence of the former military dictator, Gen. Buhari, to pave way for his selection as Vice Presidential candidate.

“While the Governor was struggling to recuperate from the shock of his rejection as Buhari’s running mate, the APC leaders have just thrown in another banana peel, naming him (Amaechi) as campaign manager, only to encourage the prodigal son to continue to milk dry the resources of Rivers State.

“The Party, therefore, warns Gov Amaechi on the wrong and dangerous path he has chosen to tread, and admonishes him to retrace his steps, urging all those who have been deceived by his lies and mendacity to come back home and help to rebuild our beloved State.

“It also calls on well meaning Rivers people to rise up and stop Gov. Amaechi from further wasting the State resources in executing Tinubu’s political agenda, thereby impoverishing the oil-rich but suppressed people of Rivers State”.