Akpabio: EFCC Likely To Question Bank Officials


EfccThe last have not been heard on the questioning of Ex-Gov Apkabio by the EFCC for alleged miss management of funds, worth up to N108 Billion while in office. Although the ex-gov denies any wrong doing on the matter.

At least twice now the former governor have been questioned for hours by the EFCC. The former governor was first questioned last Friday but was later released on bail at about 9pm. He returned to the EFCC the next day for further questioning.

However, strong indications suggests that, along with the ex-gov, some bank officials as well as some Akwa Ibom officials will be questioned as well for possible involvement  in illegal deals

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Mr Leo Ekpenyong who petitioned the EFCC against Apkabio alleged thatAkpabio had made  illegal withdrawals from at least two top banks in the country, an amount running into billions of Naira.

Feelers reaching us indicate that the EFCC is likely to question some top bank officials who may have been deeply involved so as to get enough evidence to prosecute their case in court. Th3 fear that the EFCC could be calling anytime soon has sent fear down the spine of  some in the banking sector.