Aggrieved Workers Bring Down Activities At Federal Palace Hotel Over Poor Working Condition, And Poor Benefits


Allege ‘expatriates get N100k a week smoking allowance while indigenous staffers receive tea and 2 slice bread a day meal’.Operations at upscale hospitality centre, Federal Palace Hotel located on Ahmadu Bello way victoria Island lagos is disrupted.

Workers are confirmed to be on a sit in strike for two days running.

The aggrieved workers are challenging what is labelled ‘ poor working condition’ and

‘nothing to write home about’ renumeration.Workers – indigenous staffers – are agitating for measures to contain what is generally labelled inhuman treatment.

Employees who suffer mishap that hampers performance in the course of duty are arbitrarily sacked part of allegation reads.

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‘There was a lady that was involved in a road accident while on duty, she was sacked simple because the injuries temporarily laid her off work…she was sacked without benefit..that is what we all face’ a source stated.

Further revelations revealed unexplained deductions are made from salaries.

‘There was a time seven thousand and five hundred naira was deducted from salaries for about a year and no explanations was give’ a victim stated.

‘In some situations you have someone earning sixty thousand naira paying twenty something thousand naira in taxes! do you calculate that’ another agitator stated.

More revelations have it that the only provision for daily meal at the high end lodge and place of leisure for indigenous workers consist of two slice bread and a tea, this is against background of lavish allocations to expatriates with one hundred thousand naira a week smoking allowance serving as a glimpse.

‘There is even a manager who uses three different official cars weekly’ one of the aggrieved workers alleged.

Informations revealed the affected workers consist of mainly junior and mid level workers in charge of ‘day to day’ tasks at the hotel.

Further digs revealed the agitators adopted the extreme sit in strike measure that put their employment in jeopardy after the hotel management refused to entertain meetings with them – and recognise approach by Labour union.