2015: Is Tony Obuh The Man To Succeed Gov Uduaghan?


Anthony Chucks Obuh is a civil servant who hail from Agboh in Delta State. He has worked with Gov Emmanual Uduaghan for many years now, precisely since 2003. At first, he served as a director in the office of the Secretary to the State Government, SSG, back then, Emmanuel Uduaghan was the Secretary to the State Government. Since Emmanuel Uduaghan became the executive Governor of Delta State, Anthony Obuh later became permanent Secretary, Government house and protocol. Tony Obuh is said to be soft spoken and very humble.

Tony Obuh is said to be a very religious man, being a member of the Roman Catholic Church. He is also said to be quite experienced in administrative matters as well as the running of government since he has been in the corridor of power since 2003.tony obuh.2
Obviously, Mr Tony Obuh have been very close to Gov Uduaghan, haven worked with him for well over a decade now, precisely 11yrs or thereabout. Haven worked with the governor for that long clearly means Obuh is in the good books of the governor and the governor must have faith in him. Now, it has been widely alleged that governor Uduaghan favors Tony Obuh to succeed him as the next governor of the state.

Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan being the leader of Delta State PDP is key and has a major say as to who succeeds him as the next governor.All over the country it is almost the tradition of outgoing governors to produce or want to produce their successors, and they always or almost always succeed in doing that. Tinubu did it, James Ibori did it, and you can be almost certain Uduaghan will certainly do the same thing. Politically, it is also for the safety of the out going governor that he produces his successor and keep his political house firmly rooted as he leaves the government house to the next man. Therefore, whoever has the backing of the governor, Emmanuel Uduaghan will certainly end up as the flag bearer of the PDP come 2015, and whoever represents PDP in the 2015 guber elections would certainly emerge the next governor of Delta State.tony obuh.3

So now, the crisis rocking the Delta PDP is that Tony Obuh is the anointed son of Emmanuel Uduaghan, also that the governor is working to actually impose him of the party as their flag bearer. Some party leaders and others interested in the 2015 elections have been kicking against any imposition of candidates on the party. There have been open opposition to the candidacy or, i should say the backing of obuh by the state governor. Elder statesman, Chief Edwin Clarke have also been publicly voicing his opposition and rejection of any attempt by the governor to impose Obuh on the party.

Many questions arise in my mind such as, would the Governor, as the leader of the state PDP be able to pacify party leaders and get them to accept Obuh? If he is indeed able to do that, then Obuh is home and dry. Will Obuh be able to weather this raging storm rocking his candidacy and also rocking the state PDP to emerge winner and party flag bearer in the end? Will the governor change his mind and dump Tony Obuh? Or will this present crisis rocking the party worsen with time? Will other candidates make way for Tony Obuh and rally around him for the success of the party in the coming elections? Can any other candidate actually withstand Tony Obuh in an open, free and fair primaries? Only time will tell, but one thing remain clear though, in the coming days all will become crystal clear, will it be Tony Obuh? or Victor Ochei? Or will some other candidate emerge as PDP flag bearer? Only time will tell.